The Chicken Lady

So far at Preview Berlin Art Fair, currently running at Tempelhof Airport, we have seen some really weird artwork and art people, but these freaky animal-carcassy sculptures really caught our attention! Artist Sophia Daly Rossin had to explain herself! Our Berlin Art Week Reporter, Adele Barnau, met this wild and passionate young lady at Galería N2’s booth, where she exhibits her work, and took her to task. Be sure to come check out her booth and see what other artistic oddities Preview has in store!

BAPS: Why are you making sculptures of chicken heads in teacups?

SDR: Well, I wanted my sculptures to look like bitchy old women. They are having a bitchy cat fight and are behaving just like English ladies at tea parties. They are always attacking one another. It’s a tea party chaos!

BAPS: Is this the kind of art you have always done?

SDR: The work that I originally started doing was actually very sweet and pretty. Too sweet. It made classical paintings of women, which were so boring. And people loved it! And I was like: I don’t give a shit! It is boring. I wanna have fun!

BAPS: I noticed that people here are responding a lot to your work…

SDR: Yes! I can see all these people with these very serious and bored faces walking around. And when they pass by this booth, their faces change. They light up! I like people reacting to my work. Art should be interactive.

BAPS: What else do you do, besides tea party sculptures?

SDR: I do taxidermy! This is where I use real animals.

BAPS: Gosh! Where do you get them from?

SDR: I get them from the market. I eat them! My boyfriend is a chef. He cooks them and I skin them. It’s the most recycling art you can imagine.

 Tempelhof Airport Preview Berlin Art Fair. September 13th – 16th 2012: 1-8pm.