The Biennale Revealed

My visit to the exhibition “2012 is the season for treason” at OKK was a true eye-opener.  The KW Institute and Artur Zmijewski among other main features of the much talked about 7th Berlin Biennale (7BB) were blown wide open and I was left wanting to know more.

Art Uncovered

The exhibition is part of a project that has been investigating the 7BB and the many scandals behind the glossy front and gentrified event. Clever, sarcastic, ironic and humorous, it had me laughing and gasping with disbelief. The exhibition features video, audio, installation and graphic art, as well as real excerpts from an interview with Zmijewsji, curator of the 7BB, as part of the works of the fictitious company “Polaris International Ltd”. You can even play a game of Pairs to match the controversial partners of the Biennale and those supported by it.

Real Protest

As part of the project Lectures and discussions are held, as well as after parties. Whilst the theme of the 7BB is protest and politics, after visiting this exhibition it all seems fake. This exhibition, however, feels like an entirely authentic voice of criticism and protest. No glitz and glamour or big names, just pure, honest protest comprised of works by such artists as “Haupt Stadt Kultur Front”, “Pussy Riot” and the OKK itself.

This small gallery in Wedding is taking on the Berlin Biennale, and exposing it. How refreshing and inspiring! If you want to see real protest then avoid the Biennale and visit this exhibition.

  • OKK “2012 is the season for treason” Group Exhibition, April 27th – May 13th 2012, Thu – Mon: 3-6pm