The Backstreet Boy

There is always a lot of talk about street art in Berlin – graffiti, tagging, and urban painting – but what about the “other” street art? It is created on the street and inspired by the street, but odds are you won’t see it painted on the side of a building. What are we talking about you ask? Urban Sketching – the quick but meticulous drawing of everyday happenings on the streets! BAPS sits down for a talk with one of these “urban-sketchers,” Omar Jaramillo at Cafe Mukkefukk in Kreuzberg, the site of his newest exhibition of art drawn from street view. 

cafe_mukkefukk Cafe Mukkefukk painted by Omar Jamarillo

Since 2009 Omar has been a member of the Artist Network Urban Sketchers, a non-profit organization that connects artists around the world who draw inspiration based on the places where they currently live or travel through. Check out our video interview of the artist where he dishes on his upcoming show and why drawing from live subject matter totally kicks photo-realism’s ass! 

Be sure to leave a comment below if you would like to win one of his bright and colorful exhibition catalogues! Good luck, artparasites!

  • Cafe Mukkefukk Omar Jaramillo “Wrangekkiez-Bilder” Saturday October 5th, 2012: 4pm-8pm. Exhibition runs until November 6th 2012.
Article and video by Kirsten Hall