The Art of Re-using

Your grandma and mom both recycle and heck, even your five year old sister recycles these days. Well now, recycled objects are even being used for art purposes. From Carly Fisher’s past exhibitions in Berlin re-using objects found off of the Berlin streets (that Döner wrapper does make for an intoxicating artwork) to the currently running exhibition “Written in Concrete” at Under The Mango Tree which upcycles commonplace materials to give them a new sense of purpose and aesthetic beauty. Two designers, Anna Iwansson and Régis Lemberthe, have joined forces in this exhibition to upcycle to their heart’s content and share the results with art and design enthusiasts. But what exactly is upcycling and does it make for good artwork?

How To Make Plastic More Beautiful

Our good old friend Wikipedia defines upcycling as “the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.” Replace environmental value with artistic and aesthetic value and you’ll know what to expect at the exhibition “Written in Concrete.” The art installation has various objects and materials that would would be prone to overlooking, such as concrete, leftover wood, moss and papier maché and gives them a new existence that links the past with the present. You may even find yourself pining after these objects as they could make a lovely addition to your apartment!

Be sure to catch this exhibition and see the impact of upcycling on art and design. For those interested in learning more about the process of upcycling, there is even a workshop being offered as a side event for the exhibition! Here you will be guided on how to create your own “Pfandtasche,” stylish handbags created from re-used posters, banners and other materials. Registration is required in advance and this workshop is perfect for the whole family (kids welcomed as well) – you may register here, but please do so before the deadline of July 20th 2012. 

  • Under The Mango Tree “Written in Concrete,” Anna Iwansson and Régis Lemberthe. July 8th – September 8th 2012, Monday-Friday: 2-6pm. (Price Range: berlin-artparasites estimates €200-€5,000)