The Art of Partying

Like all legendary locations in history of nightlife, Berghain has never been just a normal club. Scaling the huge staircase inside the former heating plant, you enter an escapist counterpoint to the everyday grind. Some people just party all weekend long. For others it means even more: It is the epicenter of a real alternative lifestyle. This is especially true, of course, for those who work at the club—its notorious doormen, its bar and coat-check staff, its technicians and musicians.

The hidden potential of the club

In Berlin, the city of patchwork identities, these men and women are often artists as well. Here in particular the nocturnal counterculture is tightly interlocked with the parallel universe of the art world. Marc Brandenburg for example worked at Berghain. Works by Alva Noto, Byetone, Frank Bretschneider, and Kangding Ray are part of the “White Circle,” an acoustic architectural space graced by the hip club’s exhibition space.

The piece is a light and sound display commissioned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the raster-noton electronic music label.

Much of the art on display still deals with the temptations of the night

– which, in some cases, are of an explicit sexual content. Other abstract works, seemingly untouched by the nocturnal excess, represent a counterpoint to the counterpoint of the club itself. You can’t party all the time, can you? Don’t miss it!