The Art Of Impersonating

Sunday has arrived – but not in the form of an end-of-the-week-respite – today is the final day of Berlin Art Week and in only a couple of hours Preview Berlin Art Fair will be closing it’s doors at Tempelhof Airport. You still have a chance to get in and catch some of the best emerging artwork, or we can offer you some much needed comic relief through Preview artist Christiane Seiffert. Christiane Seiffert’s work, exhibited in the Vincenz Sala booth at Preview Berlin, is all about recreating postcard images using herself and a bunch of crazy objects: An amusing but also dangerous work sometimes!

BAPS: Where did this idea of taking these photos come from?

CS: I love looking at things. I remember being a kid and staring at something for half an hour until I could see an interesting form. My mother was an abstract painter and I have also always looked at her paintings until I could see a figure. And then, twenty five years later I was supposed to make an exhibition and I remembered this and decided to finally do what I really could do – which is seeing faces in houses, for example.

BAPS: When you see these things, or have an artistic vision, do you ask people if they also see them?

CS: No. They have to come to their own conclusions when the work is ready. But I do ask myself if those things I see are really there, or if I am just a bit crazy…

BAPS: We found your work really funny, do you mean it to be comic?

CS: No, I just want to put things out there. But I get that it is comic in a way, because translation normally is something strange and funny. I know the viewers normally find it amusing!

BAPS: Does anything funny or suprising normally happens during the process?

CS: Well, when I did the bird postcard for example I had to be in the top of a step-ladder so I would leave a telephone close to it on the floor. This way if I felt down, I could immediately call the doctor!

Thanks for the laughs and the amusing art, Christiane! Check out her work before Preview Berlin closes this evening!

Report and interview by Nathalia Duarte