The Art of Confessing

Once a month, Leen Horsford hosts a “conversation game” – the result is a mixture of performance, an interview and a chat show. It happens in different bars around Berlin and it’s called “Live Confession” and tonight will take place at Heroes with artist Iohannah Niceboim in the spotlight. Interested, yet? This is an event about the people from the art scene, but not necessarily about their artworks or what they produce – but the spotlight is on them as a person. In the informal environment of a bar, you can get to know the artist face-to-face, as if you were drinking and chatting together at the same bar table. This way, you can find out not only about their life stories and personal experiences, but also their inner-most secrets. No photography or recording is allowed. This is a place for intimacy – a confession with no priest involved.

What does Iohannah Nicenboim have to say?

The next “Live Confession” set to happen tonight, Thursday (July 19th) will run from 7:30 and 9:30pm. This time, it will be hosted at Heroes in Neukölln- one of our Top 5 Cafes and Bar with Art in Berlin! Come to hear the confessions of Iohannah Nicenboim, an Argentinean multidisciplinary designer and curator that is now living and working between Tel Aviv and Berlin. She is currently doing a curatorial residency at Node Centre for Curatorial Studies. Her work has been internationally recognized and she has even won rewards for it (such as the Polonsky Best Design Prize). Curious enough? So are we! Prost!

  • Heroes “Live Confessions” with Iohannah Nicenboim. Thursday, July 19th 7:30-9:30pm.