The 4 Things You Will Miss Most About Being In a Relationship

Photo by Sebastian Bieniek

Photo by Sebastian Bieniek

Being in a relationship is like being someone in a new world where you can only see one person.

Being in love was having a soul with a body. I couldn’t live without him. Living was all about him. I always need him even when I was fully capable to do things. He was my strength even when Iwas already strong enough. He was my everything. I was once in a relationship. I was pleased with him. He was my whole thing, he was perfect for me and to me. Everything was flawless. We were like in this new world of love. And I can’t believe what I did for love.

The Reminisce: 
I miss how you text each other and tell each other how you miss one another. I miss the way you call each other babe. I miss how you tell one another how and why you love them. I miss how things work out when you have an argument. I miss on how you’ll call each other and ask where do you want to eat or what do you want to eat. I miss the way you see each other while you eat. I miss the non stop talking, asking what happened to your day and asking non-sense question. I miss going together in the public restroom just to take a mirror selfie and pee. I miss the day you were once mine. I miss my world through your eyes.

The Nostalgia:
I miss the hugs and kisses. I miss how you hugged each other tightly till you can barely breathe. I miss how you passionately kiss each other till you decide to have sex. I miss how you pull off each other’s clothes and still manage to kiss each other. I miss how you kiss tongue to tongue with each other. I miss how horny you are till you moan gracefully. I miss on how you sleep in his arm and still holding his hands, even when you’re asleep. I miss the morning kisses and night hugs. I miss having a loyal and sexually aggressive relationship. Or I just miss you so badly realizing on how stupid and pathetic you are. I can live happily without you but I realize you are not worthy to be missed at all. But what I miss more is when you’re about to ask and beg for a another round. I love it when you beg for more.

The Torment:
I will never forget how you took everything for granted. I will never forget how amazing I am for you. I will never forget the times when you always blame me for everything. I will never forget when you introduce me to your friends as a friend. I will never forget on how you mistreated my loyalty. We were not that perfect but for you, it was not worth it. We were not that strong enough to fight but you were the one who gave up. I will never forget the girl who replace me in your heart. I was the one who is perfect for that part. The problem was you have no reason to break-up with me, but for the reason I have a reason to break-up with you. You just replaced a diamond over a simple stone just to show off people that you are straight. I will never forget you, I hope you’ll never forget that too.

The Holdback:
Or I’m just obsessed of having someone to love me and take good care of me. Or to love someone and take good care of it. Or I’m just impatient to wait for the new agony to shine in my life. Or I’m just too ugly now to realize how people are cruel. Or It’s just my standard of personality to fit within my capability. Or maybe it’s just I’m not that ready to step in a another kind of relationship that bought into my mind that can be ruin. Or it’s just that I’m enjoying the life of being free, being free from someone whom you really love. Or maybe I’m waiting for someone that I can’t see. Or maybe my crush is straight. Or maybe, something is maybe. Maybe, maybe not.

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