Tested and Proven Advice To Gain Self Respect When Your Love Life is Failing

Painting by Diego Rivera

Painting by Diego Rivera

If you’re positively feeling this for someone who made you feel worthless, lonely, guilty and mean (even though YOU ARE NOT those), and they’re telling you that for sure you don’t know love and you will never be capable of loving, make them take those words back and shove them up their ass. They deserve it. And not because they’re dating you and failing, but because they’re just incapable of cherishing love and OFFERING love back.

Here’s my word of advice, tested and proven:

  1. Please be selfish and stop doing things you hate just to please others. Nobody actually gives a shit!

  2. It doesn’t matter how bright, smart, good looking, stylish or slender you are – if the person next to you can’t or doesn’t want to see all that then you’re technically dead.
  3. If you’re in a 24/7 relationship or even just fuck buddies and he or she doesn’t want to have sex with you then they’re totally not into you/screwing someone else/a complete waste of time/have an intimacy issue.
  4. Thinking about finding the right one is exhausting. Not only that life is SO short anyway, but we ALSO need to struggle to seek, compare, acknowledge and suffer in order to find A PERSON that MIGHT, just MIGHT meet and return our expectations via long term. Jumping from a date to a relationship to another only cuts more and more of the time we get to actually spend with someone potentially worthy. So if you let the right one in at 40 and then die at 50 that only leaves you ten years to manage. So fucked up.

  5. Never underestimate yourself.  If a guy or girl won’t sleep with you then there’s nothing wrong with yourself. He’s just NOT that into you. Period
  6. A love story can be a relationship. A relationship is not necessarily though, a love story. Keep that in mind for your own good.

  7. Maybe people walking in and out of our lives is like thunders crushing ice. It’s good, and fresh and it pulls blood back to the arteries. Like a cold shower under New Moon. If you honestly let go, and they honestly come back, be a keeper.
  8. Never forget who you are and what you aim for! YOU are the most important, beautiful, intelligent and achieving person you have met. And you deserve to be loved, cared for, accepted, missed or made love to. So set up a good standard and do not lower it for God’s sake! LOVE yourself.


Submitted to ArtParasites by Agnes Theodora