Take Your Baby To The Polls

What a day… after Hurricane Sandy, the US is gearing up to elect into office the next President. Polls show the race has been tighter than ever the past couple of months and arriving in the US, I was mostly met by dread and worries of a Romney victory, which could mean, among other things, not only the reversal of Obamacare (Obama’s quite progressive, in US standards, health care reform) but also the death-by-cutting-back-funding of non-profit public broadcasting programs – that’s right: say goodbye to Big Bird. But don’t worry, Big Bird, no hard feelings from Romney.

Fearful of another imminent (not-so-natural) disaster and knowing that my homestate of Virginia is a swing state in this election, I was motivated more than ever to vote against the terrible Mitt-force. After a couple hours waiting in line, just to get indoors to another long line in a typical American elementary school gym, it was finally time to vote! The voting machines did look a bit sketch – but in a country where political interest isincreasingly tied to corporate interest, what can you do?

On a lighter note, I never did see so many patriotic babies in one room! 

Patriotic Baby 

baby at election

Fun tip: Bring your baby to vote and there is a strong chance you can by-pass to the 2+ hour line, as the lady above did! Shortly after 11pm (with a wine bottle in hand – just in case), I was relieved (though still hesitant, think: the close and drawn-out 2000 election) as Obama was projected by CNN to be the winner of the election. That and Northern Virginia ensured Virginia went blue. My voting work is done.. now time to prepare for unraveling NYC-artparasites…