Take The Stage

In contemporary art, the proverbial “artist-musician” character is as much a mainstay as the “model/actor” stereotype in the entertainment world. However, American artist/musician/performer/businessman/craftsman/songwriter and all-around bad-ass Christopher Kline completely shatters the mold proving that art truly is limitless. Lucky for you, he will be performing at this year’s Preview Berlin Art Fair at  Tempelhof Airport

A jack-of-all-trades, Kline has never devoted himself solely to visual art, continuously expanding his repertoire to include music and live performance with styles ranging from international collaborations to commercial pop acts. Kline’s work is often characterized by collaboration such as with artist Sol Calero with whom he also runs the exhibition/project space Kinderhook & Caracas in Berlin. 

The artwork itself incorporates elements of drawings, shrines, paintings, quilts, robes, and masks which all appear as lyrical installations with his performance and music. The focus of the visual art is a manipulation of reality and the presentation of objects in connection with their own secret past lives immersing viewers in an entirely new world of his own creation. 

For the first time ever, the non-profit exhibition space Grimmuseum will be exhibiting a solo presentation by Christopher Kline at the Preview Berlin Art Fair. Kline will perform live the night of the opening (Sept. 13th) at 8pm at booth S5 in Hangar 2 of Tempelhof airport. 

Article written by Kirsten Hall