Tada: NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events Are Here!

This week's picks leave everything (or nothing) to the imagination. From Paul Flinder's mystical world to Paul Caranicas's abstract take on hyper-realism to art books that seamlessly bring together literature and fine art to a block buster art fair at the crystal palace we know as Jacob Javits Center—there's a flip side for every occasion.

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Superchief Gallery – "And Everyday Was Overcast" Opening – 6pm

Superchief presents an opening and book release event for photographer and author Paul Kwiatkowski. "And Everyday Was Overcast" paints a starkly honest portrait of the beauty and ills of American culture, combining Kwiatkowski's haunting fictional narrative with his stunning and compelling photography in this melding of literature and fine arts.

William Holman Gallery – "Michael J. Davis: Drawings and Paintings" Opening – 6pm

Through the imagery of recognizable day to day subjects, Davis pulls the objects away from reality and into a new realm that questions space and hand in the tradition of the old masters. Gestures are soft and often incomplete, supporting the artist's ideas of abstraction within his subjective work.

Bernarducci Mesiel Galley – "Paul Caranicas and Park Hyung Jin: New Paintings​" Opening – 5pm

Bernarducci Mesiel brings together two very different photorealistic painters in this exhibit. Paul Caranicas looks at monumental architecture within an eye-bending space, where Park Hyung Jin explores portraiture with the sensitive eye of a photographer executed through oils. Paired up, the artists show two distinct sides of the same coin.

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Signal Gallery – "Dislocation Point" Opening – 7pm

Artist John Dante Bianchi displays his new sculptural works in this solo show, the first of the season at Signal Gallery. His highly textural panels conjure images of organic forms held in a static state, while his free standing sculptures explore incongruities in density and material.

Trestle Gallery – "Jannel Turner & Rachael Whitney" Opening – 7pm

This two person show takes a look at the inner workings of painting itself through Jennel Turner and Rachael Whitney's abstract views on color and composition. Turner's work sides more on the nature of the landscape and space, while Whitney's paintings come forward with more of a nod towards geometry, and come together in this unified exhibition.

Yes Gallery – "Overneath" Opening – 7pm

Curated by Lesley Doukhowetzky, Yes Gallery presents the work of Paul Flinders in this solo show. Visitors are invited to enter Flinder's dreamworld, which is infused with a whimsically dark narrative that borders on the dauntingly eerie and surreal, while simultaneously maintaining a positive, imaginative joy.

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Gallery Brooklyn – "Zeitgeber" Opening – 6pm

This second opening of Zeitgeber celebrates the works of artist and writer Kerstein Roolfs. In conjunction with her new book "New York II. Decade," the works included represent this German-born artist's experience of living in New York for the past twenty years, taking cues from the title, meaning time-giver.

Walter Wickiser Gallery – "Figure Variations" Opening – 6pm

This group show featuring Liam Rory Bannon, Marian Bingham, Frank Björklund and Michael Price, brings together figurative works from four distinct viewpoints. From Bannon's take on the flip side of vision to Bingham's dreamy take on gestural brushwork, there is a fresh perspective on the human form for all tastes.

Jacob Javits Center – "Spectrum New York" Art Fair – Hours: 11am – 7pm

With over 60 exhibitors, the Spectrum art fair offers the best of Contemporary Art to over 10,000 buyers and viewers. Visitors can see work represented by Line Art Gallery, Art Link INternational, Darren Thompson and Stygian Publishing just to name a few. With so much to see, you might want to consider blocking out the whole day to take in as much as possible.

Article by Meredith Caraher