Swarm Sweepstakes: Chose Your Favorite Gallery!

Dear readers,

We're thrilled with the launch of The Swarm; our new system of interactive, information-rich gallery profiles, designed to bring innovative artists, galleries and collectors together. Galleries that join The Swarm can showcase their latest exhibitions, highlight their artists and their work, and get in contact with collectors the world over. Click HERE for more details.

But here’s where you come in:

Being part of The Swarm comes with an annual membership fee, but we’re calling on you to chose one gallery to join The Swarm for free. From the galleries you love, which one needs a boost but has no cash? Artparasites wants to give them a leg-up through our online community.

So CAST YOUR VOTE NOW on our Facebook post, in the comments section of this article, or by emailing us at info@berlin-artparasites.com. The top 5 galleries with the most votes from readers will then compete in a Facebook poll before we choose the newest member of The Swarm. Can’t wait to see your picks!

The Artparasites Team