Suspend Your Superstitions

We all know that this weekend it’s the UDK Rundgang, allowing you to indulge your nosy side and peer into the studio and workspaces of the crème de la crème of Berlin’s student population. However that does not mean that that’s all the city has in store for you over the next few days. Banish your Friday the 13th superstitions and take to the streets, hopping from gallery to gallery and investigating the eclectic extravaganza that is about to take place over the next few nights. Check out our handy opening tour where we’ve collected a selection of the most entertaining events.


Thursday 12th Openings:

MD72 Jana Euler, Michael Callies, Sergej Jensen “No Helps” 6-9pm
If the flyer’s anything to go by then tonight you’re in for a serious dose of creative chaos. Head down to Mehringdamm tonight and why not, at the same time take a trip past Mustafa’s, the home of Berlin’s best kebab!

Agora Collective, Renata Har “The Non Spectacular Please” 7pm
From the sandbox to the sky,  prepare for upwards elevation whilst experiencing the volatility of time (but don’t worry, Agora have promised you’ll be safe!)

Factory-Art Group Show “Down the Rabbit Hole” 6pm-9pm
The intriguing project uses Alice in Wonderland’s tumble down the rabbit hole as well as existential questions as an excuse to highlight a selection of ‘Feel Free’ artists. Could be a liberating experience!

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Friday 13th Openings:

BQ Alan Kane, “The Unwanted”, 6-9pm
Select a piece of junk from the cupboard you never open and take it down to BQ this weekend to join a whole host of rejected objects. For whichever of you brings along the most weird and wonderful piece of your past there will even be a prize. Get digging!

C/O Daniel Seiffert / Agneta Jilek, “Talents 28/ Powerhouse Youth” 7pm
Two photographers pitch up at C/O this weekend as part of the gallery’s “Talents” series, bringing with them a series of images capturing young people, suspended between childhood and adulthood, stranded in industrial wastelands. 

Daad Galerie Maryanne Amacher, “ Intelligent Life” 7– 9pm
See the result of influential composer, Maryanne Amacher’s, technological experiment  and for those of you who simply aren’t satisfied with the role of spectator there’s a workshop too for you to get stuck in. 

Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt Abrie Fourie “Oblique” 6pm
As part of the gallery’s series dedicated to expatriate artists who have recently come to settle in Berlin, HDK  features the photographs of South African Fourie draws a sense of self from his exploration into the near and far, the intimate and the unfamiliar.

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Saturday 14th Openings:

Galerie Kuchling Miha Erman “Room with no Echo” 7pm
Erman captures the eerie beauty of total silence after locking himself away in an anechoic chamber to prepare for the photographs which go on display tonight. Get the full lowdown, and read the interview with him here.

Tanya Leighton Group Show “ASIATACO/Proyectos Monclova” 6pm onwards. 
Find yourself lured to this particular opening by the promise off tacos – sound too good to be true? You’ll just have to go and investigate what the catch is…. 

The Wand Group Show “Cognitio Arsphobiae : Show Therapy” 7-9pm
Ready to be afraid? Melissa Steckbauer and Alex Tennigkeit explore the transgressions of fear in their first co-curational venture – see how it works out! 

General Public Katarzyna Winek & Karolina Zeslawska “Fashionville & Replay” 8pm
Relive fashion week with an insight into the modelling industry. The documentary from 2011 puts multilinguism at its centre; reliving the awkward situations we are all only too familiar with! 

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