Do They Still Fall In Love?

Photography by Melnikov Vitalik

Photography by Melnikov Vitalik


do they still fall in love?
or has that gone out of fashion?


like the 60’s style
and radio
and conversations
that meant something,
before social media killed us.


i guess,
loving has become
too cheap today.
and the reasons,
even cheaper.


people have different loves
one for facebook,
the other for instagram,
and even some
for social spaces
yet to be formed.
you can never fall too far away
from where the world is,
can you?


it is sad that
in this age where
everything is paced
at a hundred-miles-an-hour,
we are forgetting how
to steal kisses
and entangle fingers
while letting
the brush of skins
spark a fire
burning prejudices
to ashes,
like the olden days.


and frankly,
nothing can be sadder
than not knowing
what it is
to fall,


do they still fall in love?

or like us,
has that gone out of fashion?

Sayan Sen is a 19-year-old from Kolkata, India, with a deep affection for puns and football. Currently pursuing Electrical Engineering, he loves poetry and loses his heart to all those who offer him food. He makes homes out of quotes and never says no to stargazing and 3 A.M heart-talks.

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