Stick Together!: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

Spring has sprung, and we at BAPs are positively twitterpated. We know you rocked the streets for May 1, whether you partied or protested, but now is not the time to settle down. This weekend we’re bringing you the best the art world has to offer, on the streets, in the gallery and at the club. And so we say to you art lovers of Berlin, join us in partying on to prove that May 1 is only a taste of what’s to come.

Thursday May 2, 2013

IRONARTtours – First Thursdays WALK – 6:30-10pm

Thanks to the blessings of the weather gods, evenings are the new afternoons. Why stay indoors when you can join the geniuses of IRONART tours and explore the galleries, studios, and storefronts of Neukölln as they stay open late to offer up stellar art, socializing galore and drinks along the way. The tour is free, although the gifted guides do take donations for their time. Be at the southeast corner of Kotbusser Damm Ecke Buerknerstrasse at 6:30, or be square.

Berlinische Galerie – Demonstrate! Artist Talks – 7pm

In honor of the power of protest, this week we recommend a series of artist talks devoted to the art of the demonstration. Artist Thomas Eller engages in a conversation about artistic practices, concepts, and projects that take a stand with artist, founder and curator at the Schinkel Pavilion. Remember, knowledge is power, and this week we’re all about bringing the power to the people.

Hebbel Am Ufer – Zombie Zombie & Support – 8pm

Let’s be honest—you had us at “Zombie;” however, when you threw in “french band” and “retro-futuristic duo wondering about the future’s past” we were hard sold. If you haven’t had enough of throwing your hands in the air, and waving them around like you just don’t care, HAU is the place and now is the time. For tickets and details, see:

Friday May 3, 2013

Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien – “Open Monument” Opening – 7pm

If you haven’t had enough of Kreuzberg, head on over to the opening of the “Open Monument” show at Bethanien. Ten international artists explore the idea and the reality of the monument as a historical relic, artistic accomplishment, and symbolic structure. In a place like Berlin, in the shadow of International Worker’s Day, what could be a more timely artistic endeavor?

Le Chat Gris – “SeaSick May Party” – 9:30pm

Why do rockin’ good times and absolutely ass-kicking hangovers have to go hand in hand? Especially this week, when going hard is the name of the game, we are ever so grateful to the girls of SeaSick for coming up with the brilliant idea of cutting edge cocktails that are absolutely alcohol-free. With a specially-designed cocktail menu, smoke-free dance floor, and the option of dirty debauchery just upstairs, this might just be the perfect party.

Platoon Kunsthalle – “Urban Art Clash 2013” – 6-10pm

We love an open-air, and the only thing that could make it better (apart from a solid sangria) is the addition of artwork. The good people of Platoon Kunsthalle have read read our minds and answered our prayers with the urban art clash taking place in their backyard this Friday night. There will be live painting, open studios and an exhibition; and what's more, if you’re feeling participatory bring your own paint and join in. All styles are welcome.

Saturday May 4, 2013

Kreuzberg Pavillion – “Why Performing Has To Be Naked” – 8-12pm

I cannot tell you the number if times I have pondered this question myself—why does performing have to be naked? I’ll tell you this much, I’m willing to give up a few hours of my Saturday evening for the very real chance to find out. Will I see you there?

Import Projects – “Gordon Conviviality” Closing – 7-10pm

At BAPs we believe in last chances, and this weekend we bring you one final opportunity to see Cory Arcangel, Juliette Bonneviot, Chris Coy, Frieda-Raye Green, Oliver Laric, Lindsay Lawson, Lorna Mills, Evan Roth & Borna Sammak curated by Max Schreier at the finissage party.

Stattbad Wedding – “Six Years of Sweat Lodge” Party – 23:45pm

Six-year-olds have never been so sexy. It’s hard to believe that esteemed electro-promoters Sweat Lodge have only been around for six sweet years. Let’s celebrate with a melange of juicy house beats at Berlin’s best former bath-house.

Article by Hannah Nelson-Teutsch