Start The New Year Off Right: Best Weekend Art Events!

The NYC art scene is determined to start off the first weekend of the new year with a bang and we’re right on the heels of the best art happenings all over the city. Act quick, openings last one night only and this is your opportunity to meet other art enthusiasts, gallerists, curators and the artists themselves (or their assistants who happen to be exhibiting the behind-the-scenes artwork of their own at our recommended “No More Rock Stars” exhibition at Galerie Protégé). Here is our listing of the best art happenings in NYC for the weekend. Don’t miss out, Artparasites!

Thursday January 3rd 2013

Garvey Simon Art Access – “Bestiary” Exhibition Opening 

Is it still the year of the dragon? Come check out this whimsical and fantastical art opening at Garvey Simon Art Access which is determined to tame beasts, or animals, and freeze them in time – on canvas – through a diverse continuum from literal to as abstract as possible. Works will be presented by Christopher Adams, Randy Bolton, Phyllis Bramson, Laurie Hogin, John Kindness, David Kroll, Jacquelyn McBain, Julia Randall, Anne Siems and Melanie Christine Warner.  Please note: The official opening reception will be taking place January 17th 2013, 6-8pm. 

J. Cacciola Gallery – “Seeing Through” Exhibition with Danielle Frankenthal – 6-8pm

The first solo show of a three artist series ranging from non-objective to figurative represenation, J. Cacciola is starting the new year with artworks by Danielle Frankenthal. According to the artist: “I paint in layers because I believe that is how we see; through layers of experience, emotion, programming and habit. If this is  the manner of our seeing, how does it effect what we see? Can we separate the noise from the music beneath it? Can a painting lead the eye to self-conscious seeing?” Visit the opening and see for yourself!

Galerie Protégé – “No More Rock Stars” Exhibition – 6-9pm

Gallery and artist assistants unite, it’s time to take the spotlight! Guest curator Robert Dimin has put together an exhibition that will highlights the artworks and creations of those working behind the scenes. This multidisciplinary, group exhibition features work by artists Mia Berg, Nick Doyle, Laura Greig, Justine Hill, Henry G. Sanchez, and Bryan McGovern Wilson – all studio assistants to some of New York City’s highly celebrated artists.

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Friday January 4th 2013

StorefrontBushwick – Adam Parker Smith Exhibition – 6-9pm

If you haven’t had a chance to catch an installation of Adam Parker Smith yet, you better get on it (2013 is the year to do it!). Guaranteed to make you think, Adam Parker Smith is an artist “whose work mixes cultural critique, ontological trickery, and mordant fetishism to create works of humor, pathos, and irony… The results are visual paradoxes and parodies that transform the origins of the artwork from its prosaic components, isolating it from the everyday and according it a privileged, ‘glorified’ status.” What are you waiting for? 

NOoSPHERE Art Space – 2nd Year Anniversary Exhibition – 6-8pm

Kicking off the new year right – with an awesome party, exhibition and benefit auction full of talented artists from the NYC art scene. According to the creative forces behind NOoSPhere: “On Feb 4, 2013, we will have been up and running for two full years, and we wish to celebrate our second birthday with a benefit auction to raise funds to continue doing what we do. Run on a shoestring budget by an all-volunteer crew, our artist-run, not-for-profit venue is conceived as a collaborative project space where a wide range of artists help each other shine. With a special focus on Norway, our scope is international: NOoSPHERE connects artists from elsewhere with the NYC art scene.” Make sure to attend and keep the international art scene in NYC alive. 

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Saturday January 5th 2013

Postmasters Gallery – “My Eye Travels Exhibition” with Diana Cooper – 6-8pm

Marvel in the wonders of art – Diana Cooper’s artwork is aesthetically appealing and visually stimulating, evoking memory and re-inventing natural wonders only the way an artist can. In the words of the artist: I am fascinated by the interconnectedness of manmade structures/systems and those found in the natural world. I am increasingly drawn to the sometimes beautiful and sometimes tortured way that nature exists in contemporary environments, whether it be a huge plant stuck inside of a 21st century airport, or vines that resemble a chain link fence, or an abandoned bulldozed lot that unintentionally becomes a garden where weeds grow to the size of trees. My aim is to explore the strangeness of transitional spaces and the wonder they provoke.” We highly recommend a visit to this opening! 

Monya Rowe Gallery – Jacolby Satterwhite Exhibition – 6-8pm

Be sure to drop by Monya Rowe gallery for Jacolby Satterwhite’s incredibly intensive, moving and phenomenological exhibition, “The Matriarch’s Rhapsody.” The exhibition features 3-D animation videos (including drawings made by Satterwhite’s mother who uses art to alleviate and deal with her symptoms of Schizophrenia), accompanied by photographs and silk screens. Other videos on display will feature the artist through “experimental movement, modern dance and some voguing.” Come witness the healing and transcending abilities of art!