Spring Out! (Kinda): Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

When you look outside it seems less like March and more like “The Day After Tomorrow.” Thankfully we know plenty of things to warm you up this weekend! The weather may not be the best but that’s no excuse to stay inside. Get your snow-shoes! Get a flare gun! It’s time to enjoy the weekend in Berlin.

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Idrawalot – “DEAD WAIT is a Bad Kid” Opening – 7-11pm

This alternative space has been home to some of Berlin’s best counter-culture exhibitions. Continuing that tradition, this Thursday Idrawalot invites artist DEAD WAIT to present a solo exhibition of works inspired by his practice as a screenprinter and tattoo artist. They promise that the art will “poison your ocular nerve endings and make you forget everything you learned in skool.” Make sure you get there early because there will be limitied edition artist copies available (signed and numbered) for only 10 euros!

Galerie Neu –  Matis Faldbakken Solo Exhibition Opening – 6-9pm

Time to class it up. Galerie Neu, one of the more established galleries in Berlin, will be opening up its doors for a solo exhibition of Matias Faldbakken. The Norweigen artist/writer will continue his practice as someone fascinated by both pop and underground culture. Think of the band Slayer’s logo painted repeatedly on the wall––Andy Warhol meets Alice Cooper.

BASE MENT – “The Skin Is The Only Necessary Layer: Photography of Chris Phillips” Opening – 8pm

Last but certainly not least make sure you check out a solo exhibition of photographic works by our very own Chris Phillips! If you’ve enjoyed the pictures featured in our magazine, then you’ll have to meet the artist himself. Only 24 years old, the Brazilian born photographer has been developing his project “Pornceptual” (which is pronounced just how you think it is) for awhile and is now exhibiting the works full of naked people in person. There couldn’t be a better reason to go out to this!

Friday, March 22nd 2013

Sandy Brown – “Savoir murir” Group Show Opening – 7pm

You can officially start your weekend down in Schöneberg with a group show at Sandy Brown. Featuring a wide array of international artists coming from Argentina, Great Britain and right here in Germany, this show is guaranteed not to disappoint. The work will certainly be diverse––Internet savvy pieces by Amalia Ulman, strange installations by Morag Keil, and party adventures from Marie Karlberg. All in all, a very non-traditional way to start your night.

daadgalerie – Marie Losier Screening – 8pm

Next up bring your popcorn and favorite soda, you’ll be stopping by daadgalerie’s first in a series of Marie Losier screenings. Born in France, Losier produces experimental short films that have won her the respect of everyone at the Whitney Museum, which invited her to be in their Biennial in 2006. There will be a second screening Saturday evening at the same time, so if you like what you saw tonight you’ll have a fourth event for Saturday.

Festsaal Kreuzberg – Urban Mutations Dance Party – 11:45pm

Prepare yourself for one of the best DJs in the world at one of the best concert venues in Berlin. DJ Rishad from Chicago has been making a name for himself the last few years as a pioneer of Chicago Juke music. He will be joined by fellow mixologists Sarah Farina and DJ MFK + DJ WEN. There sound will be accompanied by visuals from the artist Katja Novitskova, which will be amazing to see. Hopefully you got a lot of sleep the night before, because you’re going to be out late!

Saturday, March 23rd 2013

L’atelier kunst(spiel)raum – “We’ve outsourced everything and now we’re bored” Group Show Opening – 7-10pm

This hidden but large gallery has two floors of works by international artists opening this Saturday. Seeking to address our contemporary condition of having access to a hypertrophy of information, the project will include a book and database that encapsulates these ramifications. It’s a large group show (21 artists) so it may be good to get there early to really take it all in.

Kunstraum Kruezberg/Bethanian – “Follow Gardens” Group Show Opening – 8-12pm

In Kreuzberg at a different “kunstraum” another group show will be presented. “Follow Gardens” features works by Anja Kasten, Astrid Nippoldt and Sandra & Sabrina Schieche. Kasten’s surreal and messy painting juxtaposed with Nippoldt’s landscape photography is already an unique combination. This exhibition may be weirdest opening you’ll visit this week, let alone this month.

Mindpirates – Brian Butler: Film Screening and Jam – 9pm

One of Berlin’s most beautiful exhibition spaces will be celebrating the work of Brian Butler. A Los Angeles based filmmaker, artist, musician and writer, Butler is fascinated by the occult. Having consulted experts in the field in both South American and Europe, it may come as no surprise that one of his projects is appropriately entitled “Technicolor Skull.” After a film screening there will be a jam session, presumably including not only the artist but whatever voodoo ghosts he’s brought back with him.

Article by James Shaeffer