Some Of The Most Loving, Beautiful and Inspiring Messages From Our Fans in 2015

Artwork by  Fred Irvin

Artwork by Fred Irvin

At the end of each year we  revel at the most wonderful messages we receive from you. We are deeply touched by the massiveness of love and inspiration that turned to our mailbox in 2015 and we are grateful and happy to share some of the most moving and emotional fan letters with our readers from all over the world. You continuously inspire us, and continue to provide us amazing, raw, poetic thoughts about all walks of life. You keep us moving round, and for that, we THANK YOU.

Erika Belavy opened Riot Art digital gallery in Paris after being inspired by Art Parasites to pursue her own dreams. She sent us this poem:

“Three years ago

or more, I don’t know

I came across your site

My heart was bland

But the art was grand

A seed had taken flight

But frustration grew

When the desire to purchase new

Art that had been featured

As endless links

And email stinks

Left a lot to be desired

An opportunity knocked

A business plan I rocked

An online gallery was created

A place to acquire

The art you admire

Endless online searching hated

This poem I write

Is to thank you for the light

In inspiring my venture

I’d love to meet

A collaboration treat

Perhaps over a trencher?”

“I want to commend you for this page. Whoever you are. Thank you for making me feel better by your words. I am shattered and i am still on the process of realizing how beautiful i am. Through this, i found home. Thank you.”

– Ilyn Andale

A friend of mine invited me to visit your page and I’m really glad that I did. There are loads and loads of art pages out there but none of them can be compared to yours. Honestly, I look forward to your posts every single day, because I know I’d find something beautiful and unique, and I’m never disappointed. Thank you so much! And keep posting!

–  Gayatri Tejwani

My name is Florencia and I’m writting to you because, firstly, I want you to know that all your esence is amazing and I’m absolutely in love with your existence. Since I know your facebook page I felt in myself comprehension, and deepest love.

I’m grateful and proud of all your work!!

–  Florencia

Dear Admin, I don’t know if I can do justice to your inbox as the authors you quote or confessions you share but I still want to share my writing with you and every other person who makes Berlin Art paradise beautiful and soul reaching.

Khushneet Kaur

Dear Berlin art parasites admin,

I’m Nilofar Khan from India. I’ve been following your page for a while, about six months now and I am in love with your work, all the vivid and profound emotions you project effortlessly blended with your art work and piece of writings like poems and paragraphs is absolutely splendid. I think your art could always best describe my feelings and imagination.

Much love and respect,

–   Nilofar Khan.

Hello berlin-artparasites admins,

you write absolutely beautiful poetry, it is haunting and rings true, I love the way it makes my mind clash.

Hoài Minh

I can’t always identify myself with you, neither do I agree with all of the observations you’ve made, but good poetry isn’t there to word my own hidden thoughts in an elegant manner, really. the way you put it all bedazzles me and some of the word combinations just blow my mind… thank you.

Sandra Laur

Your work is very beautiful. You push boundaries, like pushing against a sea of flowers, bending and twisting but never breaking the edge of beauty. Thank you for sharing with the world!

– Mary Ann Persad

I’m not the same since discovering your poetry. I wish I had a more articulate way to phrase this, but all I can say is thank you.

– Elena Domazaki

Shocked from how much @berlin.artparasites inspires me! Your work is stunning. Keep shining our home feeds and feeding our souls.

– Elena

It would be an absolute honor to be able to contribute actively to Art Parasites, especially knowing the emotional impact it has on its readers including myself.

– Sade Andria Zabala, now an established writer for ArtParasites

I want to thank you, for making my life a better place, for being the light at the end of my dark times, for inspiring me to move in the directions of my dreams instead of my fears.

– David Seagal

ArtParasites is my lost and found desk. I spend hours and hours checking up the posts you offer us and I feel so much better at the end of any given day. Thank you!

– Alexandra Olivia Carson

ArtParasites, you are making me get out of my shell and talk to people.

– Denis Farago

“Hello, you beautiful people.

Your Facebook page was what kept me going through a really rough patch this year. I lost my grandfather, ended my long term relationship, and have been far more volatile than I’d care to admit. I’m sure you get zillions of similar stories in your fan mail, and God knows people cope much better with troubles that are far, far more awful than the things I’ve been through, and they all have your magazine to thank and go back to, each time they need respite.”

 Tanvi Deshmukh, now a writer for ArtParasites