Soak It In: Berlin’s Most Unusual Art Venues

Berlin can boast of its historical relevance, artistic glory, architectural ambience and an academic tradition of excellence—some might say this city has it all. And, in terms of art, the variety is nearly limitless. However, the devoted art lover can develop a certain ennui over time, as opening after opening unfolds along the same lines. To spice things up for your art life, we at BAPs sought out the strangest, sexiest art spots on the map and brought them straight to you.

The Club – Berghain – Tues-Sat: 11pm – late [10-14 euros]

The world’s greatest nightclub is also a purveyor of fine art, courtesy of head doorman/photographer Sven Marquardt. According to the New York Times, “he was once among the most promising young photographers in East Berlin, and his life as East German artist, post-wall lost soul and present-day club celebrity traces the city’s arc over three decades.” The photographs hung in the club’s stairwell are physical manifestations of Berlin’s trajectory, and well worth the trip. Go for the art, stay for the party, and whatever you do be damn nice to the doorman.

Berghain Berghain: prison? Nope, just a club and artspace! Photo: WikiCommons

The Crematorium – Silent Green Kultur Quartier – Opening times may vary

We discovered this incredible art space when reviewing the “Waves vs. Particles” exhibition held in conjunction with the Berlinale. You would think wandering throughout a building formerly dedicated to death would be creepy, but the meditative calm and thoughtful silence was pure bliss. Set back off the roa––yes, in the middle of a graveyard––this soaring, domed space is serene and seductive in all the right ways. Without a regular gallery program, opportunities for occupying the space are few and far between, but like a solar eclipse or a Jeff Bridges movie, a trip to the crematorium is well worth the wait.

silent-greenSilent Green Kultur Quartier, a former crematorium. Photo: courtesy of Silent Green Kultur Quartier