Sleeping In Style: Top 5 Berlin Art Hotels

Ever dream of sleeping with Andy Warhol? Of living in a modern art museum? When it comes to accommodation for all you hardcore art lovers out there, a Best Western just simply won’t do. That’s why we bring you our list of our top 5 Berlin Art Hotels: from the ridiculously glamorous, to the wonderfully quaint, each one has something for everyone. So pack your suitcases artparasites, because it’s time to go hotel hoping Berlin art style!

warhol-hotelThe Warhol-inspired bar area of art’otel Berlin City Center West. Photo: Kirsten Hall 

The Warhol Mecca

art’otel City Center West– Tiergarten

 Warhol, Warhol, Warhol! Even before you enter art’otel, images of Andy Warhol gaze out at you from the windows. For true Warhol fans worldwide, art’otel City Center West is a destination in-and-of-itself, and many come to Berlin specifically to stay in this hotel. But why? Walking in to the lobby, the hotel looks seemingly unremarkable, aside from numerous images of Warhol plastered to the walls. In reality, this hotel is the home to dozens of priceless original Warhol prints and photographs (some are even in the rooms!). The hotel houses around 25 numbered and dated prints, most of Warhol’s “diamond dust” theme, and over 45 photographs taken by Andy Warhol’s personal friend and photographer, Christopher Makos. Makos himself even made a personal appearance at the hotel several weeks ago while in town for a photography exhibition. So if you are a true Warhol fan, a stay in art’otel is your chance to get as up-close and personal with Andy as humanly possible (aside from building a time machine and going back to Studio 54 circa 1977, that is).

[Rooms from 75 euros]

art-hotels-7Art lover Isaiah Jones in the lounge with no right angles at Hotel Q! Berlin. Photo: Chris Phillips

Shaken, Not stirred

Hotel Q!– Tiergarten

Whoever said minimalism was boring? The interior of this ridiculously trendy design hotel, developed by the famous architecture studio Graft, uses smooth continuous lines (with no right angles) and a rich color palette of dark reds to create a lobby which gives the effect of being inside a giant womb. Secluded alcoves and the dimly lit bar area seem like the sort of place where one might encounter Mr.Tall-Dark-And-Handsome sipping a martini by the fireplace. The rooms themselves look like something out of The Fifth Element with custom designed bed frames that meld into a the bathtub and sink area giving the room a simple, sculptural elegance. And if the design elements aren’t enough to entice you, the gourmet breakfast, unbelievably nice staff, and world-class spa aren’t too shabby either.

[Rooms from 95 euros]

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