Site Bites: Tuesday’s Best Links!

You’ve been outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine that Berlin has been pouring down on us. We’ve been inside collecting this week’s best links. Enjoy our Site Bites!

  • Artist Marten Persiel is premiering his award winning film “This Ain’t California,” a documentary about East Berlin skateboarders. The story focuses on three boys born in communist controlled Berlin in the 1970s and is a nice reminder for those who forget that our city was once divided. [Via Art Info
  • Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum reopened recently after a ten-year renovation. To celebrate, the museum staged a flashmob in a local shopping mall, dramatically recreating one of the museum’s most famous paintings: Rembrandt’s
    The Night Watch.” [Watch here!]
  • Say what you will about Larry Gagosian: he’s made millions in the last few years selling works by art titans for unreal prices. Although he is a financial force, he apparently has a nice side: he’ll be opening his g­allery’s doors to Pratt students who recently lost their work in a studio fire. [Via NYTimes]
  • This week Babylon will be featuring 80 movies all made in Berlin. Starting on April 17th, this event will be the best way to our great city! [Via ExBerliner]
  • Yesterday we shared it on Facebook, but for those who missed it––here is some killer COFFEE art! [Via HuffingtonPost]
  • We also found buried in the archives of the internet a brilliant piece by Blake Fall-Conroy. Called the Minimum Wage machine, his work allows a person to work for minimum wage for as long as they want. By turning a lever, the machine churns out a penny every 4.97 seconds. [Artist’s Website]
  • Finally, DC Comics is breaking new ground by introducing a transgender character. Score one for equal rights! [Via Wired Magazine]