Site Bites: The Week’s Best Links!

Here they are, Berlin: the best, strangest, most inappropriate art-related links we scrounged up from across the internet this week.

  • Oh, a sweet gilded corpse—what will they think up next? This week, Danish artist Martin Martensen-Larsen announced his plans to create an artwork by painting in gold the corpse of a Texas death row inmate and displaying it seated in the iconic Lincoln Memorial pose. This, my friends, is what we call social commentary. It is also potentially illegal, and going through a wee bit of government scrutiny before getting the a-OK for gallery display.

  • JC Penney has announced that it will take down a Los Angeles area billboard ad featuring a kettle that looks like Hitler. “Ho ho ho,” you chuckle to yourself, “what perfectly inoffensive ad have those politically correct nincompoops gotten their hands on this time?” Yeah, but no this kettle actually looks exactly like Hitler.
  • Last June, Uriel Vanderios vandalized a Picasso at the Houston Museum of Art, fled to Mexico, and then got an art show  at a gallery in absentia. Unfortunately, the joyride’s come to a bit of a crashing halt. After pleading guilty this week, Vanderios will spend the next two years in jail.

  • Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi has created a series of computer-generated pictures of what the characters in famous paintings would look like in real life. Very cool images, though be warned: You don’t know what fear is till you’ve stared into the eyes of a long-necked Modigliani-model come to life.

  • Early this week, the Deutsche Bahn announced plans to control graffiti via mini-drone helicopters that will police its railways across Germany. On one level, the sci-fi and all-things-small enthusiast in me thinks very cool, will these drones also be available as pets? On the other, I’m like abandon ship, this is some George Orwell shit right here!

  • Artparasites is no stranger to questions of nudity and art. So we’re pleased to see that Pinterest is addressing its rather Victorian attitude towards sex by sort of maybe letting some very tasteful nudity on its pinnable pages. Which is perfect, since I’ve got a whole slew of homemade craft and wedding dress photos featuring a dick in the top-right corner.

  • Sometimes a Tumblr appears as if from from your dreams. So it goes with “Great Art in Ugly Rooms,” a new Tumblr dedicated to photographs of Giacomettis in motel hallways and Norman-Rockwells in florescent boardrooms. It's weirdly captivating, that's why it is our favorite new Tumblr of the week.

Article by Christopher Shea