Side-Step: Your Alternatives To Berlin Art Week

Brace yourselves: Berlin Art Week will be the talk of town all throughout next week. But there's always many of us who prefer something less mainstream, more independent and free for experimentation. Fortunately we live in Berlin and the alternatives are always abound. If the official events of Berlin Art Week seem a bit too much for you, mark your calendars because we've compiled a list of some great off-the-road events!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

B.AGL – Independent International Art Fair – Grand Opening: Wed. 5pm, runs until Sunday

Let's reminisce about what the real Berlin Art scene use to be… one minute of silence, please. Nothing to do with what all of you hipsters out there have experienced so far for the past decade, B.AGL – where “Art Goes Live” – brings it the way it should be: with music, partying and getting together for the love of art (and the love of alternative art fairs). This unique place is a platform for new approaches to self–representation and self- promotion. Join in on the fun at this incredible location in Postbahnhof, a 3,000 Sq m space that for five days will be filled with paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and whatever contemporary artifact we are missing, from more than 100 international exhibitors!

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

ContURBANariesContemporary & Fine Urban Art Berlin – Grand Opening: Thurs. 3pm, runs until Sunday
This event has some serious m2 – Berliners will be jealous of the space (maybe one day all of us suffering from the never-ending flat hunt can make this 1000 Sq m industrial space a WG. ContURBANaries is an art fair gone wild: not only of Berlin galleries but also international artists; a festival with soul food stands, music, social forums, workshops, a meeting place facilitating public exchange with experts in their fields, a cinema with international film productions, and slam poetry events—all coming together for the love of art.
Epicentro Artspace – "Symposium 3.7" Opening – 6pm
​Inbetween Neo-Platonists, painters of the Renaissance and the Greek God Eros, lies a question: What is the nature of love? Could we ever find definite answers or is this never-ending differing what will keep artists like Mia Florentine Weiss on the search for clues. “Symposium 3.7” is a sensual, philosophical exhibition, where "touching can heal the art." But beware, there'll be a huge uterus symbolically presented as the place of protection we all tragically long to return to—do we? 
Friday, September 20th – 22nd, 2013
Insitu – "Episode 3: Cezanne Beats Pollock" Curator Guided Tour – 5pm
This well-thought out group show offers a reflection of all the "behind the scenes" an artwork goes through after its conception. Turn on your brains for this one: in the midst of Berlin Art Week, Insitu brings a perfect discussion and reflection on why Art Week even exists, commenting on the mechanisms of the art market and the art system itself. The topics of networking, media recognition, public appearance and the "starification" of the artworld will all be placed upon the table. What does Hollywood, Andy Warhol and the hierarchical steps of the art market have in common? Find out with a curator guided tour happening on Friday & a screening/brunch on Sunday!

Gallery & Shop BOX 32Get Flocked! A Gaggle Show – Opens Fri. 7pm, runs until Sunday
What the flock? Ahem, the assignment here is to get flocked! Confused? Here's some help. Flock: n. [Middle English flok, from Old English floc.] Denotes a number of animals, birds, or fish considered collectively. Flock is applied to a congregation of animals, but in this case our collective is very colorful. Artist do it too, so feel free to flock your way to BOX 32 for this painting party!
Article by Karime Gonzalez