Should I Leave A Mark This Weekend In NYC?

Nothing says labor day like the long lines of art students at Utrecht snatching up more newsprint and vine charcoal than any professor could possibly require. For the rest of us, here is a weekend of art designed to sharpen your skills and senses in preparation for a new gallery season in New York City. After all, you can't become a disenchanted gallery girl without that major in art history – but don't worry, we threw in some de-com too! So leave the textbooks at home and hit the streets!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013
TT-Underground – "Shirt Dessert" Opening – 7pm
Toy Tokyo brings the fun and skills with a show of graphic t-shirts. Check out some hot limited edition designs by artists and designers and brush up on your silkscreening skills with live demos. Maybe you can even find a new look to start off the season right.
The National Academy Museum – "Visualizing Time" Exhibition – 11am-6pm
Andrew Raftery gets meta with a narrative exhibit on narration. Visualizing Time takes a look at the progression of pictorial storytelling from the early 19th Century to the present with a selection of Academy prints ranging from the classical to the abstract and absurd.
Whitney Museum – "Test Pattern" Exhibition – 1-9pm
Contemporary theories of repetition and reproduction are explored at the Whitney's exhibit of recent works by artists Michele Abeles, Tauba Auerbach and Leslie Hewitt, among others. Curated by Laura Phipps, the show deconstructs the degradation of digitized process created by the digital age.
Friday, August 30th, 2013
Transfer Gallery – "Gurls" Event – 7pm
With this special, one night event, Transfer Gallery gets down with the ladies in an evening of performances and readings from Gurls. Designed for female empowerment, Gurls celebrates the bonds of community evolvement and accessibility of the online community. Sorry fellas, this is a girls only event! 
Fuchs Projects – "City Limits" Opening – 7pm
In this end-of-summer show, Fuchs Projects has given a special New York task to their participating artists: determined by tossing a dart at a subway map, the artists traveled to the end of the line of whichever subway they hit and created a piece inspired by what they found there.
Soapbox – "Plethora" Closing – 6pm-12am
At their closing event, artists Lia Chavez, Maggie Hozen and Linnea Spransy will dismantle their collaborative show for the public. Plethora was the result of a combination of live performance, audience interaction and response to each other's process over the course of two weeks. The event will also include a panel discussion.
Saturday, August 31, 2013
Socrates Sculpture Park – "Installation for EAF13" – Park hours: 10am-sunset
Wind down, decompress and let other people do the work at Long Island City's Socrates Sculpture Park, with the publicly viewable installation of new works by the Emerging Artist Fellows. Be sure to check out the exceptional city views and outdoor works by Toshihiro Oki, Chitra Ganesh, Jerome Haferd and Brandt Knapp.
5 Pointz – "The Institute of Higher Burning" – All day, all night
No trip to New York is complete without a walk through the 5 Pointz outdoor exhibit space, though many locals have never made the trek (for shame!). The enormous warehouse housing the "Institute for Higher Burning" is covered head to toe by curated international street artists. 
MOMA PS 1 – "Warm Up" Event – 3-9pm (doors open at noon)
Check out the happenings at PS1 this Labor Day weekend with Warm Up's epic lineup. The museum's summer fixture occurs every Saturday, but will soon be coming to a close. Performances encourage artists to collaborate and experiment in PS1's courtyard, and includes this year's urban landscape installation Party Wall, by CODA.
Article by Meredith Caraher