Sexy in Paint

Ernie Luley’s current exhibition, “Sexy in Love” at Kwadrat, is fuelled with sex, seduction and violence. Big breasts stare out at me with the cheeky look of the woman who owns them, her nymphlike face is flushed with sexuality and her eyes glimmer with naughtiness. Is this the perfect woman? There is an element of perfection and beauty amongst the sleek coiffed hair, sensual eyes and strength of the women, but there is also a danger radiating from them. With each step through the colourful exhibit, I continued to come across through-provoking and slightly shocking paintings!

Abused Pigs

Luley’s opinion of women radiates from this works: “I think they are strong and strange. I like women very much, I also hate them.” Here women have taken charge. They are strong, powerful and idolised and served by faceless and abused or suffering men. In one painting the woman even rides a man, whose stump of a foot, bloody and painful, makes me wince, and I can hardly bring myself to look at the face of an abused pig with a fishing hook trough its nose, sword in its backside and beautiful woman riding it!

Throughout the exhibit, the idolised women are shrouded in fantasy and yet at the same time a strong sense of realism and detail pervades – Luley paints from both his imagination and what he sees in front of him. Huge paintings of beautiful women, breasts and danger create an excitement in the space, you can tell these women are naughty maybe even violent and you feel like they are full of secrets, this really is painting that makes you feel. If you are in the need for a confidence boost, or simply want to see beautiful, strong women, Luley’s exhibit is a must-see!

  • Kwadrat Ernie Luley “Sexy in Love” May 31st – June 30th 2012, Friday – Sunday: 2 – 7pm