See You In The Loo

As far as we are concerned, in Berlin the weekend runs from Tuesday -Sunday (well……sometimes Monday too). That being said, what better day to unwind from your work day than with a cold drink, great art, and some sick music? Join us for a night of crazy art by Elfriede punctuated by the neu wave synth rock beats of DJ/Artist Violent Violet at the 20th edition of the weekly exhibition at f.u.c. Bar, Turbo Tuesday!

The exhibiting artist is Elfriede, a member of the newly formed art-collective, VAGE. Her art can be described as playful and “sickly cute” but with a slightly morbid twist – which gives fascinating juxtaposition. The characters are depicted in a color scheme which could only be described as, “the colour palette of a unicorn on acid.”

 Megg Morales
We can’t wait to see the beautiful Megg Morales tonight at  [f.u.c.]-Bar!

The performing DJ is the alter ego of model/artist Megg Morales, Violent Violet. No stranger to the [f.u.c.]-Bar stage, Morales has also had an extensive modeling career but has since transitioned into performance art and visual art and was part of the electro duo, CBK & Naked Cuddlez. At Turbo Tuesday she will present the audience with a mash up of her neu wave synth rock collection.

So come down to f.u.c. Bar and get your “mid-week” art/music fix! The fun starts at 8pm and doesn’t stop until 3am.

  • f.u.c. Bar 20th Edition of Turbo Tuesday, Exhibition by Elfriede and a performance by DJ Violent Violet, September 25th 2012: 8pm-3am
Article by Kirsten Hall