Schlampe or Schluempf? Figure It Out This Weekend!

Drink? Check. Cigarette? Check. Blue morph suit…Check. Even if your wardrobe doesn't include curve hugging skin-tight Smurf skin, get yourself off the couch, call your friends and get out that door to drink some beer and heckle some art (heckle, not destroy—read below).

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Galerie Eigen + Art – "African Tales" Opening – 5pm

From Tanzania to Berlin: Dangerous, foreign and beautiful can describe both. Dealing with GDR legacy and Afro Futurism, Maix Mayer's introspective is one to make ourselves a part of.

Praxes – "Jutta Koether: Isabelle" Opening – 7pm

The last opening we went to at Praxes, a major art world faux-fuck-pas happened: Installation art met the bottom of a stiletto. CRUNCH. Now that's performance art! Get yourself around here to see what drama unfolds this time.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art – "ff/Forma" Opening – 7pm [Entry: €3]

This exhibition takes it back to the 18th Century with its salon-style atmosphere—but comes with a modern punch. Join the artist network of ff for an evening intertwining the practices of Painting and Performance. Princessin Hans will be your guide for the evening. Come for the visuals, get lost in the experience and stick around for the exclusive concert!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Galerie Michael Janssen – “Rewoven” Opening – 6pm

We met the lovely Aiko while hanging out at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien. Now in her first solo show with Michael Janssen, the artist unweaves her latest paintings. Literally. Tezuka is fascinated by fabrics but instead of expressing herself by wearing them, she lets her carry threads of history, construction, deconstruction and time. Let your thoughts get tangled in her work!

Johann König – “Katharina Grosse: Psychopapier” Opening – 6pm

If a unicorn was sick on the page after overdosing on rainbows at Berghain, this is what it would look like. But with depth and artistic meaning, of course. The artist Katharina Grosse usually works on a large scale. Whole rooms and entire buildings are the usual victims, but this time the challenge is paper. ​

Atelierhof Kreuzberg – "Dossier №zero" Opening – 7pm

Metro your ass down to see performances by Ksenia Telepova and Lan Hungh. With a title like ‘Dossier №zero,‘ we’re expecting spies, invisible cars and shaken martinis. I could be wrong, but let’s go to Atelierhof Kreuzberg and find out.

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Bootsbau – "Joan Cornella: Solo Show" Opening – 5:30pm

Have you seen his work? With 600,00 followers on FB, we bet you have. Simply replace your bowl of cereal with razor blades and you come close to Cornella's version of Saturday morning cartoons. On acid.

Croy Nielsen – "Today's Lies, Tomorrow's Truths" Opening – 6pm

An exhibition with photographed work ranging from a pant-escaping faux-penis, lots of golden eggs and some rainbow tights. The many pop-colors of Roman Schramm are a tongue-in-cheek look at fashion, art and how we are living with both. In other words, don't miss it!

Grimmuseum – “Unknown Photographers” Opening – 7pm

Like the old family photos of strangers that fill boxes and albums at Mauerpark, the artist Andres Galeano uses these intriguing yet somehow depressing and neglected photographs by unknown families and amateur photographers in his latest exhibition. Don't miss the performance by the artist happening at 8pm!​

Sealed with approval by the Artparasites Team