“Rubbish” Art @ REH Kunst

At the exhibition opening of “I want to love you but I’m getting blown away” at REH Kunst cigarette butts, coca-cola cans and plastic bags made by Carly littered the ground and were such uncanny recreations that it’s not until you get really close that you see they are not actually pieces of rubbish. This had people crouching down, touching the art and getting interactive!

The gallery was an experience too! Perfect for the art, it was a crazy renovated GDR extension hall – You have to see it to understand it! Refurbished gallery and recreated art complimented one another and provided a pretty quirky evening!

REH Kunst Carly Fischer – “I want you so much but I’m getting blown away” Monday 12th March –  Sunday 18th March Thur-Sun: 3pm-7pm