Round The Clock At 48 Hours Neukölln

Last night kicked off 48-Stünden Neukölln, the Kiez’s 48-Hour festival, where galleries, ateliers and shops fling open their doors for the public to enjoy. The party was bumping in the early hours, though the lesson of the evening may be to stop by the festival’s main arteries during peak hours: even by 10pm, stretches of Neukölln were starting to look a bit desolate. Still, there’s plenty to catch. Here's a quick list of the best districts to check out on your tour.


Gummy bear art at Kreative Gesellschaft. Photo: Chris Phillips

No better place to begin the 48 Stünden Neukölln tour than in the neighborhood’s most bustling hub around Weserstraße and Reuterstraße. Galleries such as ReTramp and Gallery R31 pepper the streets, and the photo booth on the corner has been taken over for the interactive project “U Are Me And I Am U.” Begin your tour here and don't forget to pick up a map of all the festivities as you head out for the evening, available in every participating venue.

Boddinstrasse By Rathaus Neukölln

This area features a variety of great venues, including idrawalot and ArtConnect, both of which were hopping with visitors last night. We were particular fans of the work of Sadie Weis and that of Sonja Trabandt, who presented a series of photographs of societal 'rebels' with their faces painted gray, a comment on the seductiveness of rebel culture everywhere.

Hertzbergstrasse, North Of Richardplatz

A trip to Hertzbergstrasse is a trip to the past and, better yet, to the irony free zone. Gummy bear portraits and oil paintings of children deck the walls of Kreative Gesellschaft Berlin.

Looking a bit dead around the eyes at Café Linus. Photo: Chris Phillips

Meanwhile, a death-inspired work features in the back rooms of Café Linus. It’s hilarious, strange, and the best unexpected exhibition we came across all night. Head a little east to Donaustrasse to return to the land of the living and the very hip.

Emsterstrasse And Körner Park

This area is on the outer reaches of the 48-Stünden festival, but it plays host to one of the highest concentrations of events this weekend: spaces include WerkStadt Kulturverein and Laika Kultur* Kiez *Kneipe. Take a quick left and you'll end up in Galerie im Körnerpark, one of the best-stocked venues of the 48-Stünden fest, featuring dance, discussions, music, and, of course, art. 

Article by Christopher Shea