Rixen’s Art Lab

Annika Rixen’s rather scientific installation at Kinderhook and Caracas has more poetic roots than it seems. Check out this exhibit that grows before your eyes!

After battling through the pouring rain on my bike to get to the opening of Anika Rixen’s exhibition “Everywhere Is Always No Time” at Kinderhook and Caracas, I was welcomed by wine, watermelon and a living installation, that seemed almost like a deconstructed greenhouse!

Between a scientific structure and poetic roots, Rixen’s installation spanned the two opposite disciplines. Creeping and crawling up and down the wooden structure were tropical plants that will eventually envelop the sculpture! They will overtake and transform the object in the battle between nature and the manmade! The more sun, the more growth and direction the plant will achieve, so let’s hope the sun comes out and stays out so that the gallery can create a mini jungle in the midst of the urban landscape!

This living sculpture was based around a drawing by the poet Josef Albers and Rixen has created it as a 3D object which sprawls and angles in a completely planned but apparently spontaneous manner, almost like a 3D puzzle. Looking at it I can hardly imagine how it fits together as it looks so complex, but observing it piece by piece you begin to notice each shape created is actually quite simple.

By the end of the exhibition the transformation will be incredible so I can’t wait to head back to the gallery for the closing party to compare how it looks then to now!


  • Kinderhook and Caracas Annika Rixen “Everywhere Is Always No Time” June 20th – July 21st 2012, Fri – Sat: 2 – 6pm
  • Price Range: berlin-artparasites estimates 15,000€ – 20,000€