Ring-Side Sculpture

Frances grabs a ring-side seat at the longest boxing match in Berlin....ever!

Keith Haring’s birthday has just surpassed us; it therefore seems relevant to diverge from Potsdamer Platz to take a look one of his most relevant and memorable pieces for Berlin, “The Boxers”, which stands along Potsdamer Strasse as part of Daimler’s art collection. The blue and red boxers have been locked in a continual boxing match since 1987 and have been fighting in this particular water-surrounded ring near Potsdamer Platz since 1998. You may expect bruises, but the tall and colourful structures do not appear extremely violent and offer a not-so-action-packed ring-side match!

It’s a love hate relationship…

Although they look like they are fighting, “the boxers” do not make contact and do not look defensive. The stance they take could also be seen as intimate, almost like an embrace. The two figures are connected but not fighting, their contrasting and bold colours seem to come together like the uniting of two opposite sides.


The simplistic shapes and bright colours of this pop-art sculpture on the corner of Potsdamer Strasse and Eichhornstrasse reflect the other works of Keith Haring. His style of sculpture is similar to his drawings and paintings, which is very clear and almost comic-like. You can almost picture “BAM!” and “ZOINK!” speech-bubbles above the piece! If you are feeling colourful after viewing this fun sculpture, then head towards Potsdamer Platz where there will be lots going on, maybe even head to Cancun for some colourful food or a cocktail!

  • “The Boxers” Keith Haring, Potsdamer Strasse/Eichhornstrasse, Permanent Sculpture