Rewind: Art And Tape DJing Night!

It’s only Tuesday night, but you don’t need to wait for the weekend to start having fun! The Ironside Agency has organized tonight’s paint-brush and boom-box popping TURBO TUESDAY event that promises to be an entertaining night filled with art and music at  [f.u.c] bar. Two internationally revered street artists, Maxcat and Sepr, will be the artist guests of honor – they will show off their talent and versatility leaving the streets and coming inside for a live painting session. Come for a unique chance to meet Maxcat, one of Sydney’s best known and adored street artists, and Bristol-reppin Sepr who shows that Bansky isn’t the only amazing artist from Bristol. They have already left their mark all over Berlin and now it’s time to say goodbye. So come by and help them say goodbye properly with a banging party!

Stop, Rewind!

The soundtrack for the evening will also be provided through Tape DJing – so expect some time-travelling music fun. Take your ears back to the time where online music tracks weren’t even being imagined. SMH is the DJ of the night who will experiment some vintage sounds on her tape deck bringing back the best of the old school. This, ladies and gentlemen, is known as Tape-DJing. So if you still have some cassettes tapes bring them with you and she will take care of the music. See you there, artparasites!

  •  [f.u.c.] bar  ”Turbo Tuesday” –  Tuesday, July 31st 2012: 9 pm