reKOLLECT Everything

With 450 square meters and 200 meters of pure wall space, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien is more than inviting. Add the work of 51 talented artists who adorned the walls of the Party Arty (now running 9 years) club nights to the mix and it’s divine.

As the Party Arty self-proclaimed dictator, Yaneq, declares: “Art is not democratic – art is a dictatorship and I am a dictator.” Thus expect anything and everything Yaneq pleases. Two showrooms are disguised as Yaneq’s own personal living space (though we wouldn’t know what his bedroom looks like!) and display the art work of his choosing. His taste is undoubtable! Throughout the exhibition period, fine art liven up the rooms of the exhibition space, and at night music and spoken word performances add an additional spice to the art menu. 

Among the long list of talented and original artists exhibiting are some of our favorites – Christian Awe, whose art party we recently attended in Grunewald at Loewenpalais; Just, whose art you find all over the Berlin streets; and Anina Brisolla who will be living with Yaneq in the exhibition space through June. 

If you want to get a feel for Berlin and it’s world famous night life through the lens of art, this exhibit is a must see. Stay tuned for some party action. 

  • reKOLLECT at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien – Mariannenplatz 2 – April 28th – June 17th 2012: Open Daily from 12-7pm.