Best Berlin Fashion Week Art Events: Jan 15-20th, 2013
Double Trouble: Berlin Fashion Week's Art Events
Lucie and Juliete, at the 2011 Berlin Fashion Week party, at stoked for this year. Photo: C. Phillips

Berlin Fashion Week may be choc full of Jimmy Choos and strutting senioritas, but only BAPS has the lowdown on where Art meets Fashion this January.

From our review of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest photography exhibition to our coverage of Berlin’s most fashionable art people, we at BAPS know that sometimes you need your art with a little dose of fashion. And what better time to celebrate the holy union of couture and contemporary art than Berlin Fashion week? So polish those pumps, break out the fur, and follow our guide to the artiest of Berlin’s fashion week events.


Set the Mood


“Making-of: Karlie Kloss for the MBFW Berlin 2013”

The American model Karlie Kloss was shot by fine art photographer Ryan McGinley for this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week campaign. Get into the mood for the main event with a fantastic behind the scenes video that details Ryan’s work with Karlie. View online anytime here.


Get Your Gallery On


Epicentro Art - “To Die For” - Jan 15-19

You know you don’t want to miss the official art exhibition of Berlin Fashion Week, especially when the artists Hans Peter Adamski and Iris Schieferstein are showing dresses made of meat, fish, and even hooves.


Darklands - Jesper Waldersten “Vernissage” - Jan 15, 6-10pm

Fine art illustrator Jesper Waldersten enters into an intimate collaboration between art and fashion with his exhibition at cutting edge concept shop Darklands. The opening on January 15th promises drinks, music, and more.


Cruise & Callas Galerie - Julian Zigerli “Happy Tears A/W 2013 Show” - Jan 16, 9pm

If Pampero Collectivo calls it the one fashion week event you don’t want to miss, you know UDK graduate Julian Zigerli’s show at Cuise & Callas Galerie is going to be breathtaking. RSVP to:


Put the Art in Party


Ex-Scala - Squat House/ Dandy Diary's “Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party” - Jan 14th, 10pm-5am

Beloved bloggers Dandy Diary kick off this year’s fashion week with a blowout ode to the punk rock aesthetic. All art aficionados will recognize the urge to be, as the Dandy Diary puts it “fresh as fuck.” Come pierced, come patched, come tattooed and frosted, but make sure you come early to secure a spot on the dance floor. RSVP on Facebook.


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Urban Spree - “Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party” - Jan 14th, 9pm-5am

Bringing together creative types from all industries for performance art, exhibitions, inspiration and of course one hell of a good time, the fashion week opening party at Urban Spree promises to be nothing if not sensational. Show up early to strut your stuff, and for extra points see if you can spot your BAPS reporters rocking out on the dance floor.


Fier Showroom - “Opening Evening” - Jan 16, 7-10pm

Explore the boundary between fashion and art with a fashion photography exhibition, performance installation by Dr. Jessica Bugg, and presentation of FIER showroom designers. This event is RSVP only, so reserve your spot now by emailing or simply filling out this form.


Kulturbrauerei - “Fashion Rock Night”  - Jan 18, 9pm-4am [17 euros]

If rockers and models sharing a stage isn’t performance art, we don’t know what it is. Finish out fashion week with a blowout at Kulturbrauerei when Kat von D, Doyan, Inspiration by Monster Headphones, B-Tight Playaz, Blonde Ink, AC/DJs and more put on 3 shows and 2 live acts followed by what will surely be a kick-ass after-party.


Buy In


Urban Spree - Projekt Galerie's “Designer Sale Pop UP”  - Jan 14-20, 11am-8pm

There’s no better way to get involved with Fashion Week and express your own artistic creativity than by stopping by the Projekt Galerie pop-up shop at Urban Spree to stock up on selected designer pieces at shockingly low prices.


f13Try to find a fabulous outfit like Joey Maat's at the pop up sales around Berlin. Photo: C. Phillips

Bar Babette - Fashion Blogger Cafe's “Fashion Blogger Academy”  - Jan 18 12pm

If all the creative energy circling around fashion week has you jonesing to express yourself, consider participating in the Fashion Blogger Academy at Fashion Blogger Cafe. Even if fashion isn’t your primary subject matter, it’s always great to experience workshops, panel discussions and presentations that can help you transmit your creative vision to the world.


Article by Hannah Nelson-Teutsch