Readers’ Choice: BAPS Berlin Art Star 2012

2012 has been a year of challenges and modifications but ultimately one of great success for Berlin-ArtParasites. Today, at the brink of another promising year, we’d like to remember some of the artists that have taken part in our journey. Though plenty of both established and emerging figures have graced our pages these past twelve months, we have decided to showcase the ones who have received the most reader attention; those whose featured article received the most likes and shares– an indicator of the strong presence these creative talents are weaving within the artistic fabric of Berlin.

We are also now leaving it in your hands to decide who will be crowned this year’s “BAPS Art Star.” The process is simple: below is a brief introduction to each of the five artists (with the link to check out their famed past article) and at the very bottom of the page a link to the Facebook poll where you may cast your ballot. Easy enough? Here are our nominees:

Damien Vignaux: Jack Of All Trades

We met Damien this past summer on the eve of his techno band’s (Oblast) showcase for Berlin Fashion Week. From the south of France, he moved to Berlin three years ago in pursuit of a cultural change from which to fuel his personal and professional development. Music, nonetheless, is only one of his various hats. He is also a photographer, art director, and a founder of his own design firm: essentially a jack of all artistic trades. The manner in which he is able to juggle simultaneously all of these endeavors with such professionalism is both impressive and inspiring. To see our past interview with him, click HERE.  

Clémence de La Tour du Pin: International Extraordinaire


We met Clémence back in July as she was preparing—alongside our second BBQ event—the latest project for Kunst(shot), her joint curatorial venture with friend and colleague Stefania Angelini. Born in France, having studied in London, and now living in Berlin, Clémence understands the importance of having a strong infrastructure supporting international talent. Such networks aid the cross-pollination of ideas and the germination of a strong artistic community—a hallmark of Berlin and a highlighted purpose of Kunst(shot). For both her contributions and continued support to the international artistic community of the city, we applaud her. To check out our interview with her, click HERE

Hannes Caspar: Disarming Photographer

Meet Hannes: a musician turned photographer. Sensuality, intimacy, and a disarming honesty imbue each one of his photographs. Hannes possesses the ability to capture his subjects naked even when they are fully clothed. With an impressive portfolio, he has been able to reach the pages of Germany most popular newspapers and magazines (Berliner Morgenpost, Die Welt, Stern, and Neon to name a few). Little known fact about Hannes: he’s an avid people-watcher on the U-bahn (searching for inspiration, of course). To read our interview with him, click HERE

Philipp Groth: Young & Restless

At 18, Philipp was already exhibiting at Stattbad Wedding when we caught up with him back in June. He gave us a very inspired account of his connection to his artistry, leaving us with a sense of the enormous passion he feels for what he does. Drawing, painting, and collage are his weapons of choice. With them, he tackles the ever-fleeting themes of time, memory, and identity. His youthful, positive, and fresh outlook mix together to form a type of  energy that is contagiously inspiring, a necessary condition to keep any art scene thriving and exciting. Check out what more Philipp had to share about his work HERE.

Katrin Hagen: Mischief Champion

We recently came across the humorous work of South African illustrator Katrin Hagen a.k.a. Mischief Champion. Her drawings are the equivalent of a hairless cat named Charles wearing a wig—basically, a mixture of cuteness, humor, and familiar situations carrying a surreal twist. With a steady wrist she eloquently produces these “odd drawings to make you happy.” After studying art in New Zealand and escaping the often-incomprehensible spell of conceptual art, Mischief is finding a voice here in Berlin with her witty and rib-tickling drawings. Check out our enterntaining interview with her HERE.

And The 2012 “BAPS Art Star” Is…

Now is your chance to select your favorite artist! Voting time will be restricted to 48 hours. Once the voting gap closes, we will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page. Prizes? Who cares about ’em! What better prize for these young creatives than the knowledge of having an awesome fan base who appreciates the work they do (and did somebody mention boasting rights?). You may cast your vote on the POLL NOW APPEARING ON OUR FACEBOOK WALL!

Article by Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra