Raise Your Glass To This NYC Weekend!

Hey NYC! Its been a long week – there was the supermoon, Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced, DOMA was declared unconstitutional and who knows what else can still happen, right? So pour yourself a drink because you deserve it and take a look at our art event recommendations for this weekend:

Thursday June 27th, 2013

Churner and Churner – “Dust Breeding” Opening – 6pm

Presenting works by Barney Kulok, Helen Mirra, Lisa Sigal, and Marc Swanson, the exhibition title makes reference to Man Ray’s homonym photograph of Duchamp’s Large Glass covered with dust. No need to sneeze, it's just a metaphor on refracting time in the physical space.

Dorian Grey Gallery – “ROCKicons” Opening – 6pm

This show promises to present pictures worth a listen. You can expect photographs of legendary rock idols, silkscreens and even pop-style Elvis’ portraits. Sculptures and customized guitars will also be exhibited among images of John Lennon, Lou Reed and many others.

Bleecker Street Arts Club – “Blanko & Noiry, RM, Abyss of Fathomless Light” Performance – 8pm

This long event title is actually the name of the performers that come together to accomplish this 3-hour event. Put on your black clothes and leave the kids at home for this one, as the darkness will spread at Bleecker Street on this Saturday night.


Friday June 28th, 2013

Station Independent Projects – “Summer Break” Opening – 6pm

Take the next train to Station Independent Projects because they are starting their Summer Break already! Sixteen artists are presenting work that varies from photographs, mixed media, paintings and installations. Lets enjoy the season!

Brooklyn Fire Proof – “Universal” Opening – 6pm

Curated by David Gibson, this artist salon will explore the dynamic of mass appeal through the works of six artists. Besides the exhibition, an artist talk is scheduled for 8pm and a reading by the director, writer and photographer Kofi Forson will happen at 9pm.

The New Museum – “Tim Miller in Residence: Exhibit Q: Queer Bodies” Performance – 7pm [Price: $15, Members: $10]

After a week long residency conducted by Miller, the museum will be used as a platform of this performance that will cover the gap between self-representation and the viewer’s gaze. As an audience, be ready to be confronted by the Miller's performative gestures.

Saturday June 29th, 2013

Sardine – “Of Other Places” Opening – 6pm

As the name already suggests, this show reflects on the notion of place. Be it a psychological or a physical one, the four artists approach the topic placement – a key factor in a person’s life, as it influences our decisions and feelings. Where do you want to be this Saturday night?

Jonathan LeVine Gallery – “Pose + Revok – Uphill Both Ways” Opening – 7pm

This two-person exhibition will present works by graffiti artists. Pose’s comic-style paintings and Revok’s assemblage can be seen sharing the same space under the curation of Roger Gastman. Forget the streets, the colors are playing inside now.

Harbor Gallery – “How to say for what I do not know” Opening – 7pm

This group exhibition explores the nature of language – written, spoken, or drawn – as a way to fill the gap between experience and expression. Transforming thoughts, memory and personal experience into poetic objects of how we communicate. 

Article by Bel Borst