Put On Your Party Hat

Feeling fragile? Still daydreaming about the pARTy last night? That’s probably because last night you were at HBC Berlin, partying shoulder to shoulder with the creme de la creme of the art and fashion worlds. The photographer Damien Vignaux’s beautiful photographs adorned the walls as his band, OBLAST provided the evening’s soundtracks in one room whilst DJ’s got things going in another. We captured the essence of the most fun and fabulous of the evening (performers, artists and party-goers alike!), see if you made the cut in the photographs below. 


Art performer Jackee Word

Looking ravishing as always art performer Jackee Word turns some heads!

Sabinne and Miriam

Sabinne and Miriam taking their Tuesday night to a whole new level.

Chand and Helena

Helena and her friend enjoying the swish decor.

Daniel Schufatinski

Going home anytime soon Chand? No? We like that answer!

Lucie and Juliete

Lucie and Juliete looking mischevious – what have you been up to?

Goldi and Daniel

Goldi and Daniel Schufatinskij sitting pretty, ready for some ART ACTION!

Emmanuelle Rapom and Berenice Claire B

Emmanuelle Rapom and Berenice Claire B looking composed and sophisticated with their glasses of white wine.

Fabio Campagna e Fabrizio Nocci (damien elroy's artwork in the back)

oh hello indie boys! Fabio Campagna and Fabrizio Nocci take a look at Damien Vignaux’s work. 


Marianne and Stephan: The HBC team was also there! 


The dazzling Rogwoelfer enjoying only the finest Czech beer.

Cassia and Eudes

Cassia and Eudes manage to keep every hair perfect and in place despite the raucous party.

Joey Ma

Joey Ma teams a look of seduction with his multi coloured dream coat and the result: a success!

Ronigue XXX

Club Mate always makes the night last longer, Ronigue XXX has the right idea!

Sara and Elena

Sara and Elena take a break from the party – if that’s even possible!

Damien Elroy (photographer from Oblast) and his friend.

Damien Vignaux, man of the night, revels in its success.

Sander, Marc & Maurice

Sander, Marc & Maurice looking cheeky after a few beers…

Davide Salemme wearing a piece from Moga e Mago and Tobino, the designer of the brand.


Domino and Ekat in some vibrant get-ups.



The elegant Elisabeth Ehrlich.



Kiko Dionisio, Kim Labine and Justin de Vries (vocalist from the House of the Light) happy to be spending their evening at HBC.


Konrad and Claudia arrived late, but still in time to have fun at the party!



Back again: The artist Nelly has already exhibited at HBC too!


Miimo and Jas who, together with Damien Elroy, form the group Oblast.



The alternative style of Thea Adora e Shari Lavi.


See you again next time!