Put On Your Armor And Rock The Block!

Organized by Backjumps and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien,  “Rock the Block” is a culture celebration. From today (October 2nd) until tomorrow (October 3rd 2012), it will take place on 4 Kreuzberg streets: Adalbertstraße, Skaltizerstraße, Mariannenstraße and Oranienstraße. Although concentrated in a small area and district, the list of artists and events is quite extensive. If you are looking for an art events and can’t choose from the list, we will try to make it easier for you! We selected the best art exhibitions taking place during “Rock the Block.” Follow our tour and find out how some Berlin-based artists use the city as inspiration. Also learn more about the freshest trend in street art.

Die Neonorangene Kuh Die Neonorangene Kuh – 2005, Berlin, Video, 6 min.

Gewerbehof Brandfassade – “Die neonorangene Kuh”, Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf 

Think you know Berlin well enough? The two East Berliners invite you for an expedition through night-time Berlin, trying to show the city in a way that we usually don’t perceive it. Their goal is to present what is familiar with a different perspective. But do they really show something different?

SEPTEMBER – Aufgang B – “Stellen”, Daniel Tago
The artist Daniel Tagno takes places from our everyday life and decontextualizes them. While doing this, the locations become part of an artistic concept that allows them to escape our usual perception. Will these arty “excerpts from reality” make you feel something?

Self-Portrait of Toshihiko Mitsuya with his huge metal artwork. Photo: courtesy of the artist.

Studio Kanta – Group Exhibition: Constanze Haas, Kanta Kimura, Patrick Fabian Panette and Toshihiko Mitsuya
In the studio of Kanta, a quartet of artists will be exhibiting together. We don’t know much about them, but we can’t wait to see the impressive metal sculptures made by the Japanese artist Toshihiko Mitsuya.

Or@nien net – “SPEED SHOW: GML.”
Can technology change the way street art is done? The curator Aram Bartholl says: “YES!” He has organized a group exhibition of artists using an original language.  Promoting collaborations between graffiti writers and hackers, they created a “new digital standard for tomorrow’s vandals”: The Graffiti Motion Protocol. Still don’t get it? Maybe this video will help you:

  • Rock the Block – Arts Festival – Various locations in Kreuzberg. October 2nd – 3rd 2012. See the schedule here
Article Written by Chris Phillips