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An innovative, young and fresh artist constantly on the move – we met with Renata Har, who we also happened to run into last month while visiting the Agora Art Collective that she is member of. This time, the scenery has changed a bit and Renata is currently living in her exhibition and workspace at L’Atelier for the next month. In preparation for her exhibition at L’Atelier, which will run parallel to her exhibition at Preview Berlin Art Fair at  Tempelhof Airport, Renata is hard at work, but still finds time to play and show berlin-artparasites around her studio and new home.

So what can you expect from this globe-trotting artist who has been active in art scenes not just in Berlin, but also in Paris and in her home country of Brazil? From suitcases of confetti to anecdotes of funny men selling pineapples on the beach, Renata’s artistic sensibility and love for life, celebration, family and memory create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere – much like the glitter, confetti and bright colors seen throughout her artwork. Follow our photo journal below to see inside her current studio and workspace for a taste of what’s to come next month at L’Atelier and Preview Berlin. 

Renata Haar
A look outside the window at L’Atelier where Renata will be spending the next month. The explains to us the benefit of living and working in the same space where the exhibit will take place, as it helps the artist fully take in the space and light.

Renata Haar

Bright colors and drawing… “All my work comes through drawing” explains Renata, who frequently uses 3D objects as through they were paper to transform them through drawing.

Renata HaarRenata placing some physical reminders of celebration in the studio space – everything is still in flux, but living in her work space allows her the flexibility to delve into the space and experiment with new placements and structures. 

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