Punch In On This NYC Weekend!

If you’re reading this article it means that you must've survived Sharknado – and, more importantly, that I survived mentioning it here! Let’s try to forget that the producers announced a movie sequel and let's inject some good old artistic fun into our lives. Ladies and gentlemen, here are our art event suggestions for this weekend in NYC:

Thursday July 18th, 2013

Gallery 151 – “The Least Orthodox Goddess” Opening – 6pm

Twelve artists explore the visual culture of gender empowerment. Influenced by both Christian and Hindu mythology, the curator Jasmine Wahi will present her approach on the embodiment of the female superhero.

Recess – “David Horvitz: In Search of a Longitude, Penelope Umbrico: In Search of a Latitude” Opening – 6pm

​The artists and photographers David Horvitz and Penelope Umbrico present their series of projects, presentations, performances and experiments on notions of standardized time and synchronicity. An exhibition to be in at the right place at the right time – don't be late!

The Soho Gallery For Digital Art – "Choose Your Own Adventure – Knock On The Head" Opening – 6pm

​Two stories presented by the multi-media artist, producer and comedian Victor Varnado and the writer and performer M. Sweeney Lawless will be depicted by sixteen illustrators and performers. The result can be seen today!

Friday July 19th, 2013

MoMA – “Sharing Andy Warhol” Lecture – 1:30pm

​Pop talk! Andy Warhol is one of the best-known artists in the museum’s collection and his legacy is immensurable. The intention of this lecture is to share the imprint Warhol has had on the world around us. 

Staley-Wise Gallery – “It's An American Thing” Opening – 6pm

​What is an American thing? Fast food? Hollywood? Is it possible to approach this topic without clichés? Well, you can try to figure this out by visiting Staley-Wise Gallery’s photograph exhibition today!

Nurture Art – “On Hold” Opening – 7pm

​Time wasted, anxiety, opportunity: these recurrent aspects of contemporary society are always a good fuel for creativity. Put yourself on hold by putting the sense of urgency aside and realize that it’s possible to find the extraordinary within normality.

Saturday July 20th, 2013

Art In General – "Summer Celebration" Cocktail Party – 5:30pm [$150 per guest]

If you have $150 laying around you should consider joining Art in General for cocktails in Bridgehampton today. The fee is not to afford bottles of Jeff Koon's champagne, though.The funds raised will be used to support the organization's programs and exhibitions. 

Helper – “Plant Migration by Dane Patterson” Opening – 6pm

​I heard Maggie Doyle will fill Helper’s space with large quantities of cotton candy while Carol Santel is in charge of a sound composition. Not sure if this is a metaphor or not but in case you’re not diabetic, this is our second suggestion for your Saturday!

Littlefield – "Spyder Turner“ Party – 9pm [price varies from $15 to $20]

This is a rare NYC performance by Detroit soul singer Spyder Turner and backed by the Brooklyn Rhythm Band. Before and after the concert, DJs will spin all original soul and funk jams for the dance floor. 

Article by Bel Borst