Preview Berlin: A Success, Ladies & Gentlemen!

The location change of Preview Berlin Art Fair this year had the majority singing praises (we got the inside scoop before the move, here) First: a special kudos is needed to those involved in building the booths. The quality was outstanding. "It’s like being in a gallery, not a fair – it feels permanent," gallerist Fred Torres stated, and it is true. While the venue of Berliner Liste's KraftWerk might have been more impressive, the quality of the booths and lighting at Preview had Liste Trumped.

Love Thy Neighbors

For Fred Torres, the brave man that represents the artwork of Courtney Love and surviving the mean streets of New York, coming to Preview Berlin must have been a piece of Cake—and it turns out there was even a cherry on top. “I sold my apartment here as well!" Torres exclaims as well as having sold one work of Parisian artist Seb Janiak with another on hold (the smart man needed buying approval from his wife).

Gallerist Fred Torres submerged in one of the works inside his booth. Photo: Chris Phillips

Torres is happy with the procession of his first Preview but, for the next, he might want to learn some German so he can speak with booth neighbors Gallery Villa Köppe: "We have to speak with sign language but they are great – I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything here but Jens-Ole Remmers' work Pink Lady might be too good to let go…"

A few booths down, Jarmuschek + Partner was happy to break the news to Harding Meyer that one of his grandiose works of a young woman had sold—and even happier to say that the work went to an upcoming exhibition. The work being replaced in our attendance with another large striking portrait hopefully it will be met with the same success.

Gallerist Christian Jarmuschek (R) replacing a painting by Harding Meyer after a sale at Preview Berlin Art Fair. Photo: Chris Phillips

Speaking with artist Guillaume Krick (this being his second year at Preview), he told us how he felt: "I miss the Tempelhof location. It’s a different feeling here, the layout is not as centralized as Tempelhof, the location is great but the entrance is slightly confusing." Arriving I did always feel like perhaps I was on my way to Berghain – but is that really a bad thing? This week was one of abuse: Art being my drug, the fair being my club—it can be said that we all pARTied hard. Well done everyone, now let's get out of here and grab ourselves a congratulatory beer!

Article byTristan Boisvert