Potatoes Have Rights Too

Chopped, sliced and cooked alive in boiling oil. What torture the potatoes have to go through, and to rub salt into the wound its all to briefly satisfy the hunger of a consumerist society. Why not fight this cruelty against potatoes tomorrow outside MacDonald’s along with protesting potatoes….yes real potatoes!

Love the chips, but hate the ideal?

It is not just the potatoes who are subjected to cruelty at the fatty hand of MacDonalds: greasy burgers, exploitation, bad health and capitalism. Even if you enjoy a cheeky Maccy D’s now again, I’m sure you are still aware of all these things.

Peter Pink has planned a protest outside the MacDonald’s at Hermannplatz in Neükolln. This is not only a chance to join a protest-with-a-crazy-difference but also a chance to get involved in Pink’s thought-provoking, satirical and humorous art! Create your own potato with the instructions provided on his event page, and help potatoes everywhere to live a happier life!

*All vegetables welcome 

Potato Protest Flashmob” Peter Pink, Wednesday 25th April 2012 at 4:30pm