Portrait of a Serial Painter

It was the scene of a crime, no doubt about it. I could tell by the precision of his brush that this wasn’t his first dispatch. My diagnosis: a serial painter. And like any dedicated serial painter, he loves to leave behind codified information on the body of his canvases – symbols acting as coin-cards with which he wishes to leave behind a trace of his ideology and the reasons behind his deeds.

It was a tough case to crack at Galerie Sherin Najjar in Berlin. At first, all I was given was a series of photographs of the installation view. Fortunately, our main suspect had already been identified: Andreas Grob.

sherin_najjar_viewInstallation view of Andreas Grob paintings at Galerie Sherin Najjar. Photo courtesy of the gallery

What we know about the “paintpetrator”:

  • Andreas Grob
  • Male
  • 47 years old
  • Born in Stuttgart (DE)
  • Likes to leave behind “monochrome, pastel backgrounds of water green, sky blue, and ochre.”
  • Should be considered armed with paintbrush and ready to paint at any given moment. 

Examining the Evidence

The markings that he leaves scattered throughout the body of his canvases leads me to believe that this serial painter seeks to engage his audience in a game of connecting the dots. It’s obvious that he enjoys playing this cat and mouse game (little did he know that this cat was closing in on him quickly). One of the main leads that landed on my table was the title of his latest exhibition: “Scapeland.