Poetry: When You See Love, Embrace It

Painting by Gustav Klimt

Painting by Gustav Klimt

When you see love

Embrace it, hold it too tightly

While love herself decides to leave on a ordinary day

When you see  love show all those nice things you like to

The other person

When I saw Klimt at the museum for the first time

I was held up briefly in front of his painting

„Life and Death“ – it called

It didn’t have the strength to comfort me

because we’re not facing that painting together

But you didn’t see love, did you?

You just saw some funny girl standing and staring

In front of a mixed painting on the wall

You are beautiful, you said once

It’s just that I don’t want to complicate my life

Right now

Ah, my dear if only you would knew

That love is what makes life easier

When you’re in love, even if you think it’s unhappy love,

You are not interested in the politics, or crazy wars in a far

Away lands,

You are not interested in the content of your fridge, or in the

Polluted rivers,

You are not interested in your colleagues at work, or pain

In your kidneys

All you want to know about is the object of your love

Therefore, my dear, when you see love,

embrace it.

Naida M. has published two books of poetry. She has a master’s degree in humanities. She survived the war in Bosnia. And loves to make cakes.