A Poem About Young Hearts In Love

Surreal photography by James Youth

Surreal photography by James Youth

The feeling of your hair spread out on my forearm,
Skin against skin,
Breathing each other in,
Staring at the universe in each other’s eyes,
Time moves slowly
And people say it costs too much
But we spend it like we’re millionaires.

Untangle your arms and wrap them around my waist,
I’ll lay my head on your chest and hear your heart beating,
You kiss me like you want me to melt into you,
And I do.

You breathe in a little quickly when I hold your hand,
And the atmosphere changes when we’re in the same room,
Everything revolves around us,
I hold onto you so I don’t drift away.

I shiver every time you kiss me beneath my ear,
And then you laugh and hold me like a porcelain doll,
I wish I could feel this loved for the rest of my life,
I could love you like this until I die,
I wish you would too.

Oshin Ahlawat is a young poet and writer based in New Delhi, India. “I believe people who write are like tornados and cyclones. We wreck a lot of lives; for better or worse. It all depends on the people who read our work. They decide where the damage is going to be; the heart or the mind and whether it’s going to be for the good or for worse. I wish to give them the choice to decide that. I’m just going to focus on doing what I want”, she says. 

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