Piercing in The Name Of…

In the name of raising support for the anti-prison movement, this weekend Kreuzberg punks have opened their New Yorck headquarters, hidden in the darker wings of the Bethanien Art Center. “Tattoo Circus” is an impressive array of over 20 tattoo artists and piercing experts, donating their time to ink, stretch, burn, and stab the hundreds of body art fans flooding the ex-hospital halls all searching for their own, new unique piece. (Just don’t be too intimidated by the seemingly ‘all black’ dress code!)

The epic 4-room make-shift tattoo studio is expertly run by some big names of the tattoo scene, including Jef Boucherie, whose unique style morphs, pixilates, and overlays pop culture references with ghostly red skeletons and splashes of vivid colour.

This is the time to get your next piece done by the best practitioners, but places book out quickly after 11am and tattoo times are capped at 3 hours. There’s also no ‘design time’ so bring a picture of what your after (keeping in mind the finished product is entirely up to artistic license.)

The performance shows offer are equally thrilling. If you missed the Japanese Bondage workshop on Friday evening, you could always catch the Freak Show and ‘Circus Pain’ starring local suspension and extreme body performer stars; Roc it and Matt Valentine.

But to truly understand the anarchy, anti-fascist, anti-prison moral code, check out discussions and workshops with topics ranging from “how to prepare a prison parcel” to “Indonesian farmers struggle against environmental destruction and its relation to Anarchism.” Shows and Talks kick off from 3pm and don’t miss out on the made-with-love vegan cakes and muffins.

  • Tattoo Circus– Sept. 7th-Sept. 9th from 11am-10pm, Bethanien Art Center

Article by: Hera Sparnon