Penis Size Warning – Is This Politically Correct?

Artwork by  Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson

Artwork by Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson

Do men with an extremely small penis should warn women about that? All my friends who had experience with men who have micropenis will tell you that they need. But how, you will ask. I have no answer to that. I don’t know.

But I’m sure I wouldn’t lose a man of my dreams in a such bad way, if he was somehow mentioned, that he has a small one.

That he gave me a sign, that we talked about it, that he prepared me.

Across the planet those two to three and a half inches are characteristic of a number of men, in other words it is a natural and integral part of humanity, and as such needs to be approached with varying degrees of tolerance, but also to be expected and varying degrees of rejection (if the average penis size is 5.15).

What my friends want to say is: when a person is prepared for something, then that what she’s preparing for is accepted quite naturally. Because if we ignore something,  our ignorance will not make it go away. Until we confront our vulnerabilities, we can pretend that they don’t exist. So the life we ​​live apparently seems bearable.

When you assume what to expect from a man in bed you gonna act accordingly. Of course, things often go in a different direction than expected (in fact, it’s best that we don’t expect anything), but somehow it is easier when we talk about something that should have happened, something we both want to happen, such as sexual life we want to start. And if he has a penis size of a lipstick in erection, a man should talk about it to the woman he wants to share a bed with.

Now, I see it’s painful and delicate, but if you decide to have sex with another person (of course, not talking about one night stand), it means that you’ve been through some experiences together, that you have mutual sympathy, emotion or passion for each other, or simply – you trust her. After all, you’ll know where you two are. I can’t imagine what a small penis does for a men: permanent anxiety, depression, fear of ridicule, frequent suicidal thoughts…

To me personally, penis size is not important, because penetration is not the only way I can have an orgasm, as well as most other women do. Actually, to be honest, it’s the longest way. Sometimes I need twenty-five minutes, without the foreplay, and the man I’m with, has to be super patient. However, some women are accustomed to large penises, that’s what they like, and that’s just fine. Women who have vaginal orgasms more, prefer large penises, they enjoy penetration, and that’s way small penis acts unattractive. Women who are accustomed to gifted men, usually don’t know how to deal with those who have a small penis, and mainly, because they find themselves in unfamiliar territory, they react differently than what is expected of them. If you think that your penis is small, or that your breasts are small, that is probably true. But this is what you have, and you need to learn to use best of it.

For example, I have small breasts. When I was younger that was bothering me, in fact I was afraid by the boys reaction whom I wanted to make love. That’s why I always act jokingly, when my lover would stuck his hand under my shirt I said “Some sad tits, ha?”, with a big smile. The answer was always the same, “Enough”, the lover would saiy. So, eventually my boobs and I have become quite sufficient.

But in order to see what I’m trying to tell you I’ll try to describe my first experience with a man who has a micropenis. Of course, he was very handsome, firm buttocks in jeans, a charmer, white teeth… The first time we met was in a restaurant. There was a girl selling white roses so he got up, bought several, and laid them on the table in front of me. And so it all began. Long calls, correspondence until late at night, kissing along the walls of my building, kissing in the park. Then he suggested we should go for a weekend in a hotel on the shore of the lake. The night before I couldn’t sleep from excitement. I imagine how I unbuttoned his shirt, licked his neck, how he, all covered in sweat, penetrated me, and again, aaand again, all over again. When the next afternoon we arrived to our lake hotel room, I threw myself at him. He hastily took off his pants so he left only in a boxer shorts. And I slipped a hand into it. At that moment I froze, I realized something wasn’t right, and while I held his small penis between my fingers, I remember repeating to myself: “This is not possible, this is not possible”. Then cold sweat come upon me. I was in shock, and he pretended not to notice anything. Yes, I could say we had sex, if sex consisted of an jumping hour. Literally he jumped over me. Up and down. Up and down. Imagine that. I felt nothing. Nothing. It was like he took the herring and started to bang my genitals.

I’ve never faked orgasm so well. I agreed to his game, ’cause I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Of course, he didn’t bother to give me another form of satisfaction, cunnilingus, for example. Later, when I asked him why didn’t he said anything about his small penis before, he got angry and said to me: “You are the first one to tell me about it.” So, now he wanted to hurt me, and maybe to humiliate me. Because it was a lie. I’m certainly not the first one to said that. It would be a lie if I say that his penis wasn’t the cause of our breakup. Yes. It was. But not because his penis was small, microsmall, but because he thought it was enough to have a penis, penis anysize, to establish control over me, to get what he wants. And that’s wrong. Once we know that a man whom we’re in love has a micropenis it’s really important we (both) find a way to deal with this fact, and try to find other ways of sexual gratification.

Naida Mujkic