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The Magic Of Falling In Love While Living Your Life On The Road

Have you ever been to a place that instantly made you feel like you’d just plunged into a void that swirled with colours you could not name, that spun faster and faster around you, until you couldn’t separate yourself from the ground you stood upon and colour of the sunset on the horizon? Travel does […]

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The Jerk Effect

When relationships end, there is what I like to call the Jerk Effect, that comes into play. You begin with the mourning phase (if you’re the one who chose to end the relationship, this lasts for a significantly less amount of time than it would if you were the unfortunate soul who never got a […]

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Why Having Fun is at the Top of My Resolutions List for 2016

1. Remember to have fun. Be silly. Do the chicken dance with your friends, dig your toes in the sand, run barefoot across the grass. Hold hands under the table at family lunches with your wife of sixteen years. Buy yourself flowers. Tickle a baby, pet a dog, kiss a cat. Read, listen to music, […]

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