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How To Deal With The Abandon Feeling Of A Breakup

It was late in the evening and I was walking on the streets of Lisbon. I heard footsteps behind me and I could feel my heart-throbbing as the man approached me. He looked me in the eye and told me something, there must have been some dirty words, I sensed his hungry gaze running over […]

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A Poem That Will Reveal You The Key To Happiness

I feel joyfully mad today And here’s why: I have found the key to happiness It’s called indifference It happens from time to time to people capable of too much feeling Indifference to everything that passes And the only moment that matters is now It is the maddest way to live Or maybe the wisest […]

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How It Feels To Love Again After So Much Suffering – Part II

Imagine you are slowly walking the streets on your way to the meeting point. Imagine there is something trembling inside you, a sort of a mix between soft anxiety and tenderness. Imagine it is precisely the core of humanity burning inside you, a mix between desire and hope. Imagine all these and remember love is […]

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